April 27th, 2008



* Extreme good news via e-mail that I cannot talk about til Tuesday, because it is not quite yet set in stone.

* Possibility of another comic book by me. Not Shayara. Must make decision on this.

* Productive morning working with lrstrobel on the musical score of Shayara. Each House will have a theme. He has great ideas.

* Sheep-shearing was fun, laden down only by Girl Scout troop leader idiocy - but this troop leader will no longer be leading the troop come May. So. Anyway, I a) got a beautiful copper bracelet, and b) finally pushed my body Too Far. Long nap followed. Still achy today.

* Explo info meeting today!

* Tomorrow, I get to announce this year's Blogathon project and start assembling Team Venture 2008. (I wasn't letting myself post about it til I finished Explo stuff.)

*fidget* *fidget*
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

Explo like whoa.

Went to the Explo info meeting today. We are now even more excited.

Dances every week (Elayna actually likes dances). Many opportunities for spontaneous glee. Gorgeous campus. Staffers who're really, tangibly excited about getting to do this stuff. Boston harbor cruise with a DJ and a band. Massively cool stuff on a daily -and nightly - basis (Elayna can stay overnight up to three times a week).

The kid was grinning and trying really hard not to bounce in her seat. :)
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Metal high five

Life with the Gojirawitzes

Me: "Jack. C'mere, Jack. Can you do me a favor?"
Jack - Adam's cat - climbs up onto my lap.
Me: *kisses fingertips, then presses them to Jack's forehead* "Okay. Go take that to your daddy."
Jack regards me unblinkingly.
Me: "Give the kiss to Daddy, Jack."
Jack blinks.
Me: "Seriously." *points to Adam* "Give the kiss to Daddy."
Jack stares.
Me: "That's your Daddy."
Adam: "Jack's not as smart as you think he is."
Me, ignoring Adam: "Okay." *kisses fingertips, presses them to Jack's forehead again* "There you go. Two kisses for Daddy."
Adam: "He's pretty stupid."
Me: "Jack, I am going to complain about you on the internet."
Jack: *trots over to Adam and nuzzles him with much force*

(I'm medicated. Bed now.)
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