April 24th, 2008

Let me tell you a story

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to three fabulous women: fiannaharpar, mizarchivist, and zoethe!

Hello to new readers cwoolard, kitanzi, mananath, and otaku_fae!

Why do I always forget how draining the Aquarium is for me? It's that damn spiral around the main tank. You are always walking uphill there, and I'm not so good at that anymore.

But I have that blind spot. "Oh, hey, let's go to the Aquarium! We can walk around Fanueil Hall after. Maybe lunch in the North End." And then halfway through the Aquarium it becomes clear that this is a Mistake. But I do the rest of it anyway, staggering and all. Oy.

So yes. Body = trashed.Not nearly as bad as it was yesterday afternoon/evening, but still. Elayna has opted for a bumming-around-the-house day today. I have no complaints about this.

New front page, with new mystery links. You may have seen Shawn's account in your previous explorations. You haven't seen the others.

I am (finally!) getting to the end of the scripts from when this was a comic book. Soon I'll feel more like I'm writing and less like I'm revamping scripts and kludging together disparate plot points. I look forward to that.

Yes, that's Stephen's ribbon dividing stuff. That has no deep implication of Stephen's involvement; I just needed a ribbon to divide the text, and I don't have one for Tessa yet. Will replace when I have Tessa's ribbon. If anyone feels like making one, it should be a stretch of road with a blue van tootling along on it.

ART NEEDED: I'd like a picture of Lyric, please; as you can see, she'll be making her debut next week.

My big project of the day = e-mailing all raffle donors and winners to pair them up.

Still overwhelmed by response. Thank you so much, guys.

Link Soup
* Keyboard pants. Is this the solution to my space bar issue? Probably not. But I kinda want 'em.
* John Waters interview. :)
* Locus Awards finalists!
* The Museum of Unworkable Devices.

Daily Science
A new high-resolution study of the hot, charged gas spouting from an enormous black hole provides the most direct evidence yet that such plasma jets are powered by corkscrew-shaped magnetic fields. Researchers say the finding helps clarify the inner workings of blazars, extremely energetic galaxies that flare up unpredictably, driven by central black holes millions of times more massive than the sun.

* Raffle wrapup.
* Laundry and general tidying.
* Must write book reviews.
* MizA's skating party tonight! I doubt my body'll be up for skating, but hey - hanging out with friends and watching Elayna skate. :)
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No power in the 'verse...

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge Followup

I have just spent my entire day copying and pasting addresses and e-mailing raffle winners and raffle donors. Exhausting. But done, within a day of raffle's end. I win.

I am in the process of wrapping up multiple things. One of those things is getting Elayna's fairy tale to GGC sponsors. The prospect of digging through what is at this point literally *hundreds* of "you just received a payment!" e-mails to find out who was giving for the GGC and copying and pasting addresses... it makes me alternately twitch and cringe.

It would be much easier on me if I could just copy and paste from one source. And so: a poll!

Please only answer the first question if you actually sponsored the GGC (or WTD, or bought raffle tickets; it all counts). I'll remember if I haven't seen your name in PayPal comments! ;)

And yes, all sponsors get Elayna's "Fire Blessing". But wait! There's more! You get my bondage Rapunzel and two bits I wrote but couldn't use because Elayna decided against rewriting the source fairy tales - one for the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and one for Beauty and the Beast. (No, it's not too late to sponsor us.)

If you sponsored WTD/GGC, please enter your e-mail address here!

Got anything else to say?

For the "I need a clicky button" folks...


And May will have just one Wind Tunnel Dreams sequence, and it'll be back to running the first through the seventh of the month.

Side note: Although the raffle was a tremendous amount of work on a daily basis, starting from my return from Florida, running through a week of catching up, Wind Tunnel Dreams, and school vacation week... I never felt out of control.

This is particularly of note because the short-term memory issues mean that juggling multiple things in my head is difficult,sometimes to the point of impossible. My biggest stressor right now, besides the fact that I'd like to be earning some monies, is that I get so overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to handle multiple variables.

And it just occurred to me that that didn't happen here. Was it an insane workload? Yeah. Absolutely. But it never got to feeling insurmountable.

So. Go 'song-brainmeats!
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River - Dancing

I went *roller skating*.

I went roller skating. For mizarchivist's birthday.

ZOMG fun.


Understand, I have not been on skates in years. Since I was last on skates, I have had a child, gained and lost and gained weight in way too short a time, gotten loaded down with medicines that sometimes screw with my balance, and gotten fibro.

So considering all that?

* I did pretty well. My preteen speed-skating champ self would've been appalled, but she was also a ballerina in serious training, and I am happier now.
* I only fell once, and it was because feste_sylvain and tamidon's daughter fell down and I was the closest adult. I whipped around in the circle-deceleration move that works great if you have any kind of proprioception. Body said "I remember this!" and then "I forgot my current condition!" in rapid succession.*rueful grin* But! I only fell once!
* With fibro, you get to know which muscle is connected to which muscle, because you can feel all of them, and feel them interacting, and it would be fascinating if it was not a matter of watching them throw red flags in perfect sequence.

Did the fibro act up? Hell yeah. Every time I stopped skating,it's because the fibro was acting up. Ankles wouldn't lift, or muscles were violently shaking, et cetera. I stopped, and I waited for my body to shake it off as much as it could, and I got back out there. Will I be in pain tomorrow? Yeah.

Will I regret it? No.

It took me a while to reorient myself. My muscle memory and my muscles in their current state had a few lively discussions before they figured stuff out. I had moments of klutziness - is okay, so did most everyone else.

But dear reader, I flew. Sometimes? I flew. For the first time in ages, I moved with something that occasionally resembled grace; I felt at home, and wondered that I'd ever forgotten.
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