April 23rd, 2008

No power in the 'verse...

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to taura_g!

Hello to new reader xephz!

Doing okay. *crosses fingers*

So far - 69 ticket holders. 1,194 tickets. I will tally up monies later. Um. Much monies. Y'all ever need to raise a lot of money in a hurry, hold a raffle. Me, I'mnot doing one during school vacation week again, I can tell you that much. :) Glad I got up early enough to allocate all of the tickets that were bought last night.

The amusing thing? Our "economic stimulus" check is arriving next month.So we'll have an influx of money - but too late for Explo!

I will be mailing the check today, and am very excited.:) So's Elayna. She'll write you a thank-you note herself.

Read this!
The most excellent sartorias has, in honor of Shakespeare's birthday/Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, gathered links to a number of small-press or no-press creative endeavors, such as my Wind Tunnel Dreams and Shayara and haikujaguar's Aphorisms of Kherishdar. As sartorias says, "Shakespeare took popular plots and forms and made them new. Here we are, centuries later, still reading him, and using his work in all kinds of ways. What better way to celebrate his achievements than to use the net to link to projects that aren't easily defined? I also added a component--projects not boosted by the big guns in publishing. Word of mouth is powerful; the links below begin with things I like, or things offered by friends. Some of the other links I am not familiar with, some are not my type of thing, but they might be yours. This is about spreading the word so that projects can find their audience."

So go. Read. Spread the word!

From an interview with squirrel_monkey: "[It contains] stories about magic taking place in cities, real and imaginary, modern and archaic," Sedia said in an interview. The book was conceived as the reaction to the recent shift of the meaning of "urban fantasy," Sedia said. "Suddenly, instead of including writers such as Charles De Lint, Emma Bull and China Miéville, it became primarily about paranormal romances involving vampires or shape-shifters or psychic detectives," she said. "As much as I love a good shape-shifter/paranormal-investigator story, I feel that urban fantasy includes much more than that. The book was a reaction against this narrowing of meaning."

As the writer of an urban-fantasy world that is not werewolf porn - squirrel_monkey, I salute you.

Link Soup
* Nina Hartley on zen Buddhism and porn and more.
* Rilo Kiley on tour! Anyone up for seeing a show with me?
* "I'd like to make weekend plans with you and your husband. Poly yuppies. Oh my. The Google Calendar remark hit home...:)

Daily Science
Two experts said they had developed a molecule-sized switch which means that data storage could be boosted without having to increase the size of devices.
The biggest MP3 player currently available can hold about 40,000 songs. However, new nanotechnology could theoretically allow users to store millions of video and music tracks.

* Pull raffle tickets! I'm using a random number generator.
* Post results - will e-mail all winners who don't respond to post when I get home, because
* I'm taking Miss Kid to the aquarium.

For now, breakfast. You have twenty minutes to buy or allocate tickets, then I close up shop and start pulling!
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Get Elayna to Explo: The Raffle!

For anyone coming in here from a friend's journal: We're raising money to get my daughter to the awesomest camp evar!

This is how this works.

* $1 = 1 ticket
* $10 = 11 tickets
* $20 = 25 tickets

In PayPal comments,please list the item numbers of what you want to put your tickets towards, and how many tickets you want to put toward them. For bonus points, describe the item. "#1, Wyrding Studios custom work - 5 tickets; #6, collage pendant, 3 tickets."

All sponsorships of this month's Wind Tunnel Dreams count as tickets, too. And all donations of $10 or more get a tarot reading by batshua!

Without further ado - the items!

1. Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios (up to $50 value)! (Note: Kyth's work only, so no knotted pearls or trees or Wonderland stuff.)
2. Labradorite briolette earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
3. Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
4. Custom beaded earrings by Elayna!
5. Custom beaded earrings my me!
6. Collage pendant by me! (Examples here.)
7. Loteria pendant by me! (see above.)
8. Jewelry by azhure of Sorscha Azhure Designs! Customwork or anything in the store, up to $100!
35. Sparkle necklace by never1eighty!
36. Rock crystal necklace from never1eighty!
37. Summer nights necklace from never1eighty!

9. A copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 - the first print appearance of Shayara!
10. Custom story or poem by me!
11. Custom story or poem by cbpotts! Collapse )
12. Custom poem by samhenderson!
13. Custom comics by wbm! Collapse )
14. Papercraft poem by ysabetwordsmith! Collapse )
32. Custom story by lightcastle! (same caveats as cbpotts)
34. Custom movie review by yendi! (Movie must be reasonably accessible; we're not going to spend $100 for him to get some rare J-horror thing.)

15. CD of your choice from s00j!
16. Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy!
33. How to Take the Fall CD from dustyskinandall!

Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling! Collapse )
17. Wolf
18. Fox
19. Tiger
20. Custom animal portrait: 4.5 x 6.5 drawing of any animal's head in that style, matted to fit in an 8 x 10 frame! Collapse )

21. Winner's choice of award-winning Grand Marnier Cranberry Bread (of DOOM!) or Oaxaca Fudge Bars by sionainn!
22. Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls! Elayna's brownies are famous. We do cookies and breads, too.
38. Food from fiannaharpar!

Crafty stuff
23. Custom hats by emilytheslayer (styles include Jayne hat)! Collapse )
24. Custom fingerless gloves/arm-warmers by eustaciavye! Collapse )
25. Tablet weaving by zarhooie!
26. Handmade wine charms by jesshartley!

27. Set of three readings by batshua! (There will be five winners in this category!)

28. One reiki session with oneagain (Sunday only)!
29. One night of babysitting from Elayna!
30. Dog-walking/odd jobs by me (within reason)!
31. An organizing session with omnia_mutantur!

Happy bidding! Raffle will close at 8 AM EST on Wednesday, April 23; all winners will be announced by 5 PM EST on April 23.

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Raffle Winners!

1. Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios: dragonheart97!

2. Labradorite briolette earrings by sihaya09: prehensile_wit!

3. Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09: ydnic!

4. Custom beaded earrings by Elayna: samhenderson!

5. Custom beaded earrings by me: Gina P.!

6. Collage pendant by me: evilmike!

7. Loteria pendant by me: sealgair!

8. Jewelry by azhure: nikkie_noo!

35. Sparkle necklace by never1eighty: prehensile_wit!

36. Rock crystal necklace from never1eighty: samhenderson!

37. Summer nights necklace from never1eighty: Alex P!

9. Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6: moominmuppet!

10. Custom story or poem by me: mechaieh!

11. Custom story or poem by cbpotts: featheredfrog!

12. Custom poem by samhenderson: mechaieh!

13. Custom comics by wbm: prehensile_wit!

14. Papercraft poem by ysabetwordsmith: dulcinbradbury!

32. Custom story by lightcastle: featheredfrog!

34. Custom movie review by yendi:moominmuppet!

15. CD of your choice from s00j: sealgair!

16. Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy:jenstclair!

33. How to Take the Fall CD from dustyskinandall: cislyn!

Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling:
17. Wolf: Elizabeth F.!

18. Fox: jettcat!

19. Tiger: jettcat!

20. Custom animal portrait: Kimberly K!

21. Winner's choice of award-winning Grand Marnier Cranberry Bread (of DOOM!) or Oaxaca Fudge Bars by sionainn: Louise C!

22. Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls: Alex P!

38. Food from fiannaharpar: penmillion!

Crafty stuff
23. Custom hats by emilytheslayer: cislyn!

24. Custom fingerless gloves/arm-warmers by eustaciavye: Carrie M!

25. Tablet weaving by zarhooie: prehensile_wit!

26. Handmade wine charms by jesshartley: ellenmillion!

27. Set of three readings by batshua: xephz, kyburg, Elizabeth F.!

28. One reiki session with oneagain: sofiaviolet!

Congratulations, everyone! Winners and donors, please contact each other; I'll e-mail the people I don't know when we get back from the aquarium.

Thank you, everyone. The support here has been amazing, from kythryne's offer of a necklace to auction to kyburg's suggestion of a full-blown raffle to the cavalcade of donors and ticket-purchasers. You've made it possible for a bright, funny, geeky girlchild to go to the camp of her dreams. Because of you, Elayna will get to do things like this:

A street festival on a warm July night. Fireworks pop in the sky. Vendors hawk cotton candy. But it's not Independence Day in the United States – it's Tanabata, the Japanese star festival…and this summer, you'll get to construct, plan, and create this street carnival for all of Exploration. We'll grill up octopus and squid, then serve them as toppings on okonomiyaki pancakes. In Japanese characters, we'll write wishes on strips of paper and hang them from bamboo branches. We'll fashion bold and colorful yukata robes, speak with the intonations of the Kanto dialect, and feast on soups, rice balls, and sushi. In short, we'll immerse ourselves in Japanese culture…and bring the festival of stars to the quads and courtyards of the Intermediate Program.

And tons of theater stuff (Actor's Workshop, Stage Combat, Musical Theater), an ecology course,martial arts and swimming and tennis... and that's just in the mornings. Afternoons, they get to pick from tons of fantastic activities -

And that's where I think the true benefit is. Not just the amazing courses, but the activities - specifically,the fact that the counselors will deliberately steer the kids toward trying new things. It's only a one-afternoon commitment, after all - try dance, try fiber arts, maskmaking or outdoor survival skills! She'll get nudged out of her comfort zone into things that she might never have tried otherwise, and may discover as-yet-unknown gifts; she'll definitely have a blast with them.

That, and... she'll be surrounded for six whole weeks by kids like her. Which is an incredibly powerful thing at any age - being among your people.

Y'all did this for her. By sponsoring Wind Tunnel Dreams and the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge, by buying raffle tickets. You made this happen, and neither of us will forget it. We are more grateful than words can convey. You amaze me. Thank you.
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Figuring shit out

MIT meeting place?

I'll be the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Survivor Speakers' Bureau speaker (whew! that's a mouthful!) for MIT's Take Back the Night rally next week. Generally, BARCC likes to have the speaker meet their BARCC staff accompaniment somewhere offsite and walk in together.

Generally, they just tell me where to meet my staffer! But now they want suggestions. And I'm not familiar with that area.

I know I have MIT grads reading me, if not current MIT students. Where's a good coffeeshop or something near campus?

Also,I'm debating wearing this shirt. It is sitting on my coffee table right now staring at me. (I wish it was not pink.) I mean,it'd make it easy for my staffer to spot me! I just don't know how it would be taken in this context. On the one hand, if this isn't the propoer context, what is? On the other - will it offend? I'd like to think not.

Unrelated: Have basically just returned from being out all damn day, and am in serious pain. Bleh. Tomorrow's a stay-at-home day.
Short Chick - khaosworks

Dear Internet: Knock it off.

I wasn't going to post about the whole Open Source Boobies kerfuffle. That is, I was, then I saw how crazy it was getting and I wasn't, and now I feel that I must, because this is out of hand and does not appear to be stopping.

Was this a good idea? Outside of the original band of friends (note: I wasn't there/involved), no. Clearly no. It raises whole bunches of consent and peer pressure red flags. Objectifying women, okay. I have a skewed perspective on that - due to the rapid-cycling changes in my body when I was sicker than I currently am, I pretty much view my body as a machine of bone and muscle and organs. This machine is frequently broken, and it's a bitch to find a qualified mechanic. So while I can appreciate that I have what is referred to as the Rack Of Doom, I generally see my breasts as sacks of fatty tissue that make it difficult to wear button-down shirts.

Yes, you may ask if you can touch. The answer will be no if I don't know you. Might be yes or no if I do. I absolutely see that there's a peer pressure issue here; I, too, have done things that I Did Not Want in order to go with the flow, or because I didn't have a ride home. This is no longer the case for me. So when I say sure, you can ask me, that's because I know I'd have no problem saying no. A lot of people have problems saying no. So. Not a good idea on a larger scale.

Have I made clear that I am not condoning the project - that I think it's fine for a group of friends, but not for con culture as a whole, and that I understand the reasons that it's a bad idea?

Good. Let's move on.

I'm posting not to ramble about my relationship with my boobs and consent and everything. I'm posting because there's a trend in this snowballing shitstorm that is pissing me right the hell off. I'm going to say this flat out:

Stop demonizing theferrett.

For crying out loud, y'all. Over the past few hours, as I've read my friendspage and GoogleReader (oh, look, people off-LJ on the warpath!), I've seen this whole thing metastasize - and that is a deliberate word choice. Because what I'm seeing is cancerous, poisonous, and I want people to please knock it the hell off.

I have seen Ferrett called all sorts of names. Well, fine. This is the Internet, and Ferrett has his big-girl panties. But now I'm seeing threats of physical violence, and I've been told that there's actual scheming to keep him from attending cons, and I've seen all manner of nastiness.

And I want to remind you that this is a person you're talking about.

This is a person. He's been my friend for years, online and (too briefly - must visit!) off. He is a good person. He's a husband (so stop with the "desperate fanboy who doesn't get to touch boobs" thing- he has a lovely, intelligent wife that's being dragged through the muck alongside him), he's a rockin' stepdad to two nifty teenage girls, he's a writer, he's a gamer-geek, he's a friend.

What's Ferrett's crime here? He didn't think up the project; he didn't even print up the buttons. No. Ferrett was an idealist who thought that he'd been part of an intriguing new way to open a dialogue about bodies and sex. And a dialogue is necessary.

But what did Ferrett do, really?

He posted something ill-advised on the Internet.

Let he or she who's never done that cast the first comment.

(Comments disabled because I'm not going to argue about this; I don't have a dog in this fight either way. But dude - Ferrett is not The Great Satan.)
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