April 21st, 2008

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Happy birthday to team_tim!

Hello to new reader ericmarin!

Very meh with a side order of mild ouch. Going to go for a walk with the family when everyone finishes what they're doing online; that may help.

$219 to go! Still time to buy tickets!

Reminder of late-ish additions: Baked goods by fiannaharpar, a custom movie review by Adam, dustyskinandall's CD! Chances are still good for those, for the custom stories and poetry, for lots of stuff. :)

is posting her fiction on her GaiaOnline account now. :)
is newly into Doctor Who.
is reading The Book Thief.

Clever Vasilissa
Will continue after the family walk. It's a holiday here. Three-day weekends always throw me. More so when they're only in effect for two and a half states.

Vacation Week
Plimoth Plantation seems to have some interesting stuff, but isn't T-accessible. Anyone else home with the kid(s) this week?

Other options are the Aquarium, MFA, and MoS.Outdoors?Boston Common. Any other ideas?

Daily Science
One of the biggest scientific findings in recent years is the discovery that the universe is not only expanding, but it is also accelerating in its expansion. Under the influence of a mysterious dark energy, the universe will eventually thin out to nothingness and die a cold death. For the Insights story, "Dark Forces at Work," appearing in the May 2008 Scientific American, David Appell talked with Saul Perlmutter of the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the leaders of the group that came to the astonishing conclusion. Here is an edited excerpt of that interview.

Walk, WTD, spring cleaning like whoa.
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Evening miscellany

Sorry Wind Tunnel Dreams is running late (again)... the walk took longer than anticipated. We looped around and took a longer way home, stopped for lunch, and by the time we got home I was staggering with exhaustion. Long nap.

If anyone knows how to fix my damn space bar, by the way, I'm all ears. Because it's driving me crazy.

But! Nice long walk in perfect weather with wonderful family. The purpose of this walk was to see where Elayna's bus stop for Explo would be.

We couldn't have planned it better.

It's in front of a graveyard.

Yes, my morbid little darling gets to do gravestone rubbings while waiting for the summer camp bus. She's over the moon about this. :)