April 3rd, 2008

Walking on Water

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to burning_brain and lordandrei!

Happy early birthday to those who'll adcance a year while I'm away: kires, wakingdreaming, amberfox, megthelegend, cloakofwinter, cissa, and lifecollage!

Adam's birthday is April 8. He gets a separate birthday wish. :)

Hello to new readers daemonnoire, riesiel, and sageautumn!

A bit sore, but mostly tolerable. I napped most of yesterday.

New front page, bios for Janos and Brendan, and a *ton* of content in the Sekrit Penthouse now. Got the password? Go have fun.

Daily Science
Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, even the briefest exposure to the Apple logo may make you behave more creatively, according to recent research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Friday Memage (since this is my Friday!)
Wearing: Flowy brown babydoll top and yoga pants.
Reading: I am actually between books right now. If my Kindle arrives today,I'll be reading Peter Watts on the plane; if not? I will have to pick out a bunch of books for the trip.
Writing: Finished Alanna's segment today. Need to write the next part for Adam to post next week - back to Tessa and her crew. I'd also like to revisit Katrina's story and figure out how to start working Jessa's story in.
Planning: Today,packing. Tomorrow, travelling and seeing Wicked. Saturday,dealing with family bullshit (also, getting a haircut). Sunday, my sister's engagement part. Monday, escape to writing retreat with felisdemens; marinate for five days, return to Boston.

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Figuring shit out


Okay! I will hold a raffle to raise more more to get Elayna to Explo. *nods*

Note: I have never run a raffle, nor have I ever been involved with one in any way. So if anyone actually knows how to do this - halp!

"Tickets" will be $5.

Per tablesaw's recommendation:
* $1 = 1 ticket
* $10 = 11 tickets
* $20 = 25 tickets

"Then you let everyone divide their tickets up among prizes. So I buy 25 tickets, dedicate 10 to crafty hats, five to a custom story, and two each to the custom jewelry. That way I don't need to worry about messing with the locals-only stuff or stuff I don't want/can't use."

Items to be raffled include:

* Custom jewelry by kythryne of Wyrding Studios!
* Labradorite briolette earrings and Timekeeper's Daughter prototype earrings by sihaya09 of Sihaya Designs!
* Earrings by Elayna!
* Earrings by me!
* Collage pendants by me!

* A copy of Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 - the first in-print Shayara work!
* Custom story or poem by me!
* Custom story or poem by cbpotts: I will donate a 1.5-2K story written to order, if anyone would like that. There's a few caveats (no kids in sex scenes, no Nazis, no incest) but other than that, wide open. It can be anything from a story for a kid to grown up kink, as the winner desires.
* Custom poem by samhenderson!

Burlap Lute CD from woodwindy!

Baked goods by the Gojirawitz Girls!

* Tribal animal portraits on parchment by naamah_darling!

Crafty stuff
* Hats by emilytheslayer!
* Fingerless gloves by eustaciavye!
* Tablet weaving by zarhooie!
* Handmade wine charms by jesshartley!

* One reiki session with oneagain!
* One night of babysitting from Elayna!
* Dog-walking/odd jobs!
* An organizing session with omnia_mutantur!

If you have something you'd like to pitch in, just let me know! I plan to run this when I get back from the retreat...probably start it April 14.
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Stupid Bitches

(no subject)

Since the new tack les pathetiques* are taking is bombarding me with questions about why I don't return the Kindle and use that money toward Explo -

As I've said before - but apparently it needs its own post - the Kindle (Adam's birthday gift to me) was purchased with store credit we earned through our Amazon Associates link. We spent not a penny on it. Indeed, the first thing I said when Adam handed me the printout of the Kindle on my birthday was "We can't afford that!" But with store credit, we could.


1. Those of you who click through our links and buy stuff - thank you! You help us get free cool stuff every time you do it, and it costs you nothing. Well, other than what you're already paying Amazon.
2. If we'd paid cash for it? Yeah, we'd've returned it and used that money for Explo. But returning it would get us nothing but Amazon.com store credit, which is not accepted as currency by the folks at Explo.

Les pathetiques like to play the "'song's so narcissistic" card. But if you know me or read me for any length of time, you know that Elayna is the center of my world.

Elayna always comes first.

We heard about Explo too late in the game to save money or get financial aid. Yeah, we went to pricey cons this winter, and that sucked every spare penny - but I worked two out of those three cons (and, yes, got in free for it), and had committed to doing so months in advance. Since we heard about Explo (my birthday weekend, IIRC, just a month ago), every spare penny has gone toward it. You see me getting any shiny new things? Assume I've bartered for 'em. (If you only knew some of the things I did not do this month because Explo's so expensive...)

And also - begging's when you ask for money and give nothing in return. With Wind Tunnel Dreams - the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge and otherwise - I give you a story. You put in a few bucks if you liked it. If you can't see how that's different, I really can't help you.

* proudly harassing 'song and family since 2003! anyone have a life to donate to these guys? clearly, they need one...

On a brighter note...

...wow. It is *gorgeous* outside.

If you paid for your BPAL,it's been mailed. If not, and if you pay by tonight,Adam will mail it when he gets back.If you pay tomorrow or later, you'll have to wait til I get back,as Adam does not know how to pack BPAL.

Also deposited checks, picked up library books, and generally Got Stuff Done in the nice fresh air. And now I am going to go for a walk with my daughter.
Book Love - by RoseFox

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Time it takes to pack clothing, medicine, jewelry, and toiletries for a seven-day trip: Half an hour.

Time it takes to pack books for a seven-day trip: Two hours. (Also a mildly-injured wrist from spelunking in the to-read caves, but wrist injuries are not a measurement of time.)