March 26th, 2008

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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers whataboutjen, every_witch_way,and kenscholes!

Bit of ouch corresponding to the higher levels of activity this week. I'mnot as fatigued,though - yay!

Wind Tunnel Dreams
We're at $248 raised! When we hit $400, I'll have the deposit. *crosses fingers*

And, since there's apparently demand for it: Everyone who sponsors and wants it gets the NC-17 version of the Rapunzel story. So do not let that stop you from voting for Elayna! You can has Bondage Rapunzel. (Yes, seriously, multiple people have asked about this.)

And an additional incentive: We will print up a chapbook of the Gojirawitz Girls fairy tales for the highest sponsorship! (I know a lot of you can only afford the $5 donations, and I thank you for them, and they add up - but I gotta raise a thousand dollars here, so I also have to encourage the bigger donations.) If multiple people donate the same highest amount,they will each get a copy. Highest stands now at $50.

Today's will be late, as Elayna didn't get a chance to write hers last night. Steadfast Tin Soldier. Keep an eye out after 3.

And please pimp this to your readers! Send a kid to camp and, in the process, encourage her as a writer!

Writing Retreat
I can has! (Yes, I speak lolcat in person.) I will be on retreat April 7-11. In sunny Florida. With felisdemens and whoever she ropes into cooking for us. Primary focus: Places You Haunt, Seizure Lass, and either The Things We Value or Haven. It's like when I pack books for a trip: "Hm, SF, fantasy, nonfiction, because I don't know what I'll be in the mood for on the plane." So. F, nonfic, YA.

(Side note: the Kindle will make travel so much easier. No,it's not here yet; I reallyhope it gets here before the Florida trip!)

Social Retreat
'k. So far this year, I had three cons in a row, three weekends of birthday party, the worse fibro flare of my life, a nasty chest cold, et cetera, so - I have been in total social retreat mode when I haven't been Doing My Job (cons, kid stuff).

Apparently more than one person thought I was in retreat from them specifically, rather than the world at large. Especially since I have done scattered things with scattered people.

So. Let me state right here: It's not you.It's me. Seriously. If I'm doing anything with anyone,it's because they grabbed me and made plans. I've not been initiating plans. My birthday burned me out hardcore.

I'll be out of state April 4-12. After that,my schedule lightens up - and I suspect that I'll feel more balanced coming out of that writing retreat. So. We'll talk then.

At least she's the star.
I have realized that my daughter is leading a sitcom kid life. All of her angst is sitcom-kid angst. "ZOMG, talent show auditions!" "Oh noes,I've been invited to two bat mitzvahs and can only go to one!" I'm watching this in a sort of headshakey amazed way. My adolescence was traumatic in ways you don't get outside of Lifetime movies and after-school specials. Hers could be on Nickelodeon.

And she's definitely the star. How do I know? She's the one with the stable and supportive home life; her "costars" are the ones with serious woes.

Elayna's #1 angst, overheard in the car: "I have the perfect family. Everything in my life is great. So how can I help my friends who are going through terrible things when I don't know what that feels like?"

So yeah. I'm going to try to find her a peer counseling program.

Link Soup
* Paper Enigma machine!
* Star Wars galaxy map!
* Um. The new My Little Ponies. The bastard children of the original MLPs and Bratz dolls, looks like.
* Splendid China!

Daily Science
First bees, now bats. In what is one of the worst calamities to hit bat populations in the United States, on average 90 percent of the hibernating bats in four caves and mines in New York have died since last winter.</i>

* Need to list stuff-for-sale here (to go on eBay in a few days if no one wants it).
* Need to write tomorrow's Shayara, which definitely starts with Alanna sprawled all languid-like in bed...

(psst: you should be giving me Shayara feedback. :P)
Time for some thrilling heroics.

Mint in box, y0.

Okay, see, this is not my fault, this doll collection. How did this happen? Because I bought Star Trek Barbie & Ken, because I like Star Trek. People saw that I had collectible Barbies, and poof! that's all anyone gave me for... ages. And they have been in a box in the closet since... Florida.

Posting these here til Friday; if they don't sell direct to you, I'll stick them on eBay.

Here we go! All mint in box. Masquerade Gala Barbie includes certificate of authenticity, even.

Barbie & Ken The Addams Family giftset: $125

Masquerade Gala Collection: Illusion Barbie: $12575

Whispering Wind Barbie (Essence of Nature collection): $75

Barbie Fairy of the Forest: $75

Barbie Princess of Ireland (Dolls of the World: The Princess Collection: $50

Barbie Princess of the Portuguese Empire (Dolls of the World: The Princess Collection: $50

Autumn in Paris" Barbie (City Seasons, 1998): $50

Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker(Classic Ballet series): $30

Barbie "Generation Girl" Tori: $20

Star Wars Episode I Queen Amidala in Black Travel Gown, 1999 Portrait Edition: $20.
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So should I do a blog tour for Shayara?

Want to host me?

Want to interview my characters?


In other news, Elayna is *just now* reading Steadfast Tin Soldier, so it'll be a bit before today's Wind Tunnel Dreams goes up.
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