March 13th, 2008

Strangely comfortable

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to aussie_nyc and penmage!

Massage helped, but I'm still weary. My parents arrive this afternoon, so that's not gonna get any better.

Epilepsywise - I'm fine and you should not worry. Just understand that I really cannot drive for a while. **wry smile**

Oh hey look! We're actually in the city now. Kieran's up way too early for his taste. Just like me. Let me know if you find typos. First draft. Sleepy 'song. OH HAI.

...I need a Kieran icon. Need a Shayara banner, too.

LJ Screws the Pooch Again
Is too much to 'splain. Let me sum up.
* LJ has discontinued basic (free with no ads) accounts. Did they announce this? Did they give any sort of notice, prior or not? No. It wasn't in yesterday's news post. It was buried in the comments.
* Guess what? Even brad thinks it's a terrible idea. Read his post.
* azurelunatic points out that "feedback@ is preaching to the choir. Support requests are preaching to an increasingly pissed-off choir. Postcard time."
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Link Soup
* We're all living in Tommy Westphall's mind.
* Lost Boys 2: The Tribe trailer! I cannot wait.Seriously. I'm a dork.
* A bedtime story blanket to go with those fairy-tale pillows.
* Gorgeous photos of an abandoned theme park.

Daily Science
Wellcome Image Awards 2008. Pretty pretty medical photography!
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Stealing this from conulywho stole it from griffen:

"You send a bazillion emails every day, what is one more?

Take a few to contact the UK Home Office, if you would, to suggest that sending a 19-year-old gay man back to Iran, after his partner was hanged there -- after naming him as his partner for the 'homosexual acts' that got him killed -- is not in line with freedom or liberation etc. The kid's father has said if the government doesn't kill the young man, he'll do the job himself.

Kid's going to get sent back to Britain from Holland in the next 72 hours, and from there deported back to Iran to swing at the end of a rope.

It's two minutes, people. Send an email. Consider it the birthday present you never sent to me. Then post it on your blog and we'll be caught up for all those Christmases too. Do it."

Emails go to Phone number is *probably*, if google is helping me today, 020 7035 4848.

If you happen to be a potentially voting member of the British population, be sure to mention that in your email, or if you don't have a British accent, tell them when you call.

Edit: Another link. When you make your phone call or email, be sure to include mention of Pegah Emambakhsh, who is in a similar situation.
Sell You All for Experiments

Mission afuckingccomplished.

Parents are in town. We knocked out the bridesmaid-dress shopping on day one.

I still maintain that my sister owes me. Because I did not make her wear a big stupid satin dress at my wedding. Where's the love?

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EDIT: Yes,they're not awful. Because we got to pick them out ourselves. :) We were given the guideline "must be Alfred Angelo; color: mocha". So yeah. No butt bow!