January 24th, 2008

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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader rikibeth!

Sharp achiness in the upper back/shoulders yesterday. *flexes experimentally* Not too bad this morning. Only about a 3 or 4.

FreeWill Astrology
Every now and then when the garbage I generate in a week's time exceeds what one trashcan is able to hold, I have to make a special phone call to the office of the refuse and recycling service to request that they pick up an extra can. If I'm reading your astrological omens correctly, this is one of those times for you, at least from a metaphorical perspective: You need to get rid of more than your usual amount of useless junk and residual wastes -- much more, probably, including a backlog of stuff you may not have even realized was garbage until now.

What do you want to see? Tell me.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
It's getting close to February. WTD coming soon! Which storybit should I expand?

Daily Science
When physicists are forced to give a single-word answer to the question of why we are building the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), we usually reply “Higgs.” The Higgs particle—the last remaining undiscovered piece of our current theory of matter—is the marquee attraction. But the full story is much more interesting. The new collider provides the greatest leap in capability of any instrument in the history of particle physics. We do not know what it will find, but the discoveries we make and the new puzzles we encounter are certain to change the face of particle physics and to echo through neighboring sciences.

Daily BPAL
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Same as yesterday, pretty much. Then the going-away dinner for ragingamazon. :(
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Last Arisia pic

Also by hughcasey. This is my "If I humor you, will you stop pointing that thing at me?" face.

Note to self: Never forget to pack your anti-frizz hair stuff again. *wince*

Also? This is me after a long day of people yanking at and petting my hair. This is what happens. The natural curl gets yanked right out. I think that I will start hitting people who play with my hair. This is your warning.

Why am I posting this if the condition of my hair makes me twitch? Because Hugh actually kinda captured my eye color, which is hard to do. So ignore the rest of the picture. Just - eyes. And awesome glasses.

Also also? Yes, those are feathers in my hair.
To-do List


Are you going to Vericon?


Yes, I know Orson Scott Card is the guest of honor. I know some of y'all are boycotting. I support that. But I'm fully capable of going and not speaking to him. There are other people I want to see/hear, there's gaming for Miss Kid and Adam; it's a nice low-key con. Or it seems like one; I've never been. And it's only a short bus ride from home.
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Knowing is half the battle

Looks like this is the discussion topic of the day...

1. Can you enjoy an author's work if their values/politics offend you?
2. Can you tolerate an author's presence at a convention if their politics/values offend you?

Repeat variations ad infinitum.

Orson Scott Card's the obvious one here. But I have authors I'm not inclined to read because I've heard of or witnessed offensive behavior on their part. And there's one author in particular whose blog I wish I'd never discovered; I was (am?) a big fan of his fiction, but his blog veered into raving right-wing loony territory. I have books he's released since then, but they're lurking down by the bottom of the to-read pile, because I do not know if I can enjoy them now.


EDIT: And this is not meant as a right-wing/left-wing thing so much as it's about how the authors in question treat other people.

ALSO EDIT: And OMG Dave Sim. How did we forget to talk about him in the Misogyny in Comics panel at Arisia?
Were there monkeys?

Life with 'song and Elayna

Elayna and Coyote-chan arrive and start settling in; Elayna hangs up her coat, which she never does, and...
Elayna: "I could've sworn I put my backpack on my desk chair... Onee-chan!"
Coyote-chan, riffling through Elayna's backpack on the loveseat: "What?"
Elayna: "I put that there for a reason. Mommy's in cleaning mode. If we mess up the loveseat right after she finished cleaning it off... I... just... Mama Smash!"

Ph34r t3h Mama.

(I will now stop spamming your friendslist for a bit.)
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