January 4th, 2008

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Happy birthday to desperance!

Hello to returning reader fearthainnlent!

Having a bad couple of days for fatigue (probably just getting over travel) and pain (probably the weather).

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thanks, new sponsor Mary G! We're at $30, almost at the halfway point; I hope we'll get a bit more when the story's finished.

This one isn't prewritten, btw; it's purely pulled from the brain to the keyboard and posted here. I may see about prewriting next month's, just to make it more cohesive. We'll see what ends up working better.

I had zero writing time yesterday. Augh. Parents kept calling during my Wind Tunnel Dreams writing time, and swooped in to pick me up immediately afterwards.

I suppose that the launch date will be determined by how much I get done this weekend - and, really, by how much I get done today. I have til 2, and really need to spend every minute of it writing Katrina's story, seeing how close I can get it to finished.

*cracks up*
This is what every conversation I have with enderfem and chemokitty devolves into. But just the guy's part, for all of us. Yes, it is really recursive.

And then we build a yam pony.

Naughty Nurses!
Got your 2008 calendar yet? Buy this one - it's for charity! (If you buy it, I'll tell you which of these girls I've kissed. :) )

Link Soup
* Oh look! A hypercolor toilet seat to go with your hypercolor shower tiles.
* The FoxNews headline is "Japanese Robot Eats Snow, Poops Out Bricks of Ice". This is how we talk on the news now? Okay. Anyway, Boston needs a fleet of these things.
* Laurell hasn’t been able to settle on a stage name for Jason. One he uses as his stripper name. So we are opening it to a contest! That’s right we are asking you to name Jason’s stage persona. The winner will be chosen by Laurell. The winner will also appear in the acknowledgements of Blood Noir and receive a signed hard copy of the book. I can hear my husband screaming "KHAAAAAN!" from here.

Daily Science
An interesting articles about the possible future of human biotech. The part that shivered my bones:
The new human genetic technologies are among the two or three most consequential technologies ever developed. They have the potential for both great good and great harm. In the best case they could contribute to the prevention and cure of diseases that have afflicted humanity for millenia. In the worst case they could aid and abet the development of new eugenic practices that would corrode and then collapse the foundations of our common human nature.

Our common human nature evolved over millions of years but has been stable over the few thousand years during which modern human values, behaviors and institutions have developed. When we look into the eyes of another person, we know something about that person—indeed, an enormous amount, far more than we realize—no matter how dissimilar we may otherwise be. Manipulating the foundations of human nature would change all this. If human minds start modifying the basic structures of the human mind—that is, if the agent of change becomes the object of change—there will no longer be a “there” there. We will have destabilized both the biological and social foundations of the human world.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Sock monkey flannel pajamas.
Reading: Empire of Ivory by Naomi Novik, Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott, and How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen. (I have no idea how to pitch a nonfiction book.)
Planning: Writing today til the kid comes home from school, and how much I get done will determine whether I get to go to Cape Cod tomorrow or have to stay home and work. I'm edgy and torn, because I need to go to convince my aunt to either stay in Cape Cod through the summer (she's looking to move to Pennsylvania with her daughter) or rent us her condo for cheap-ish, because otherwise, the cost of Elayna's School of Science summer will double. On the other hand, I can get this done if I push. Argh. Maybe if I just delayed launch til January 15?

In my next life, I want to be the person who's not in charge of everything.
Figuring shit out


February 7. The day February's WTD story concludes.

* Because stories twist as I'm writing them, and I want Katrina's finished before I start posting it, so if I need to fiddle with the early bits, I can. (If you need a character to use a gun in Act 2, make sure it's in place in Act 1.)

* Because when I set out to do it this way, I did so figuring that a bare-bones thing was all I could do at this point, and it's not.

* Because I need time to write Shayara when I'm not writing WTD. I get to a point where I've been in front of the computer for too damn long. My brain gets fried. Shayara backend stuff fries it quickly. I've said that managing my body's issues is a full-time job and writing is a full-time job; writing multiple things and trying to bend my brain around website construction shoves me into overload. I can't do good work in overload mode.

So. Fortune runs through 1/7, also the first day my parents will be gone and therefore really my first day since early December that I don't have people around, that I can go back to my routine. I need to start doing yoga again, and I need to hold to my scheduled writing time and website-construction time, and get the hell away from my computer between. I need to sit calmly and look at what needs to be done and delegate to the people who have requested tasks. And then - punctuated by cons on the weekends - then I can hopefully get into a routine and get the story out.
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Stupid Bitches


My parents are driving me crazy.

As always, yes.

Yesterday, it was me vs. Dad's GPS. Comedy gold. Today:

Mom, on phone: "Does Elayna know to come out the same door?"
Me: "Presumably."
Mom: "Well, we're parked here, and I don't think we're supposed to be parked here. It's just buses. No kids."
Me: "They don't get out until 2:10."
Mom: "But does she know we'll be at this door?"
Me: "I hope so."
Mom: "You don't know?"
Me, for the fiftieth time since we started talking about her picking Elayna up from school: "I'm not awake in the mornings. I assume Adam reminded her."
Mom: "But you don't know."
Me: "I. Wasn't. Awake. I don't see her in the mornings. Why don't you call her at 2:10?"
Mom: "Does she have her phone on?"
Me: "I have no way of knowing that. I know she has it, though, because it's no longer plugged in over here."

Just... call Adam to ask if he reminded her. Call Elayna directly. Why call me? I'm the one person here who is absolutely guaranteed to have no information on this matter.
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