December 20th, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to talix18 and wolfieboy!

Happy early birthday to those of you who'll advance a year while I'm in Florida: vash137, mycroft, sbisson, ahf, lightgatherer, ineffabelle, vodou_chile, and quillismightier!

A bit more achy than yesterday; could be the weather.

* Flying into Orlando this afternoon/evening; stay at Disney's Pop Century Resort.
* Hanging out with morenasangre and farren tomorrow, yay!
* Going to DeLand on Saturday (how? no clue); staying there with the birthfamily through the 29th.
* We can has catsitter, yay!
* Internet time will be sporadic; I can guarantee daily e-mail checks, but otherwise, I may or may not be posting, and I certainly won't be reading. (I need to trim my reading list...) E-mail me anything you want me to know!

* I'll be taking daily writing time to work on it. :)
* thedigitalkuri has the future Telenias just about perfect, yay!
* Should I announce what artists are working on what? I don't know...

Muppet News
Me: "I want a plush everything."
Adam: "Are they doing Neverending Story, too? Because I want a plush Nothing."

Link Soup, Science Edition!
* Huge Newfound Part of Milky Way Rotates Backward
* Quantum secrets of photosynthesis revealed
* Scientists believe they have located a new brain area essential for good memory - the "irrelevance filter".
* Auroras flow on celestial magnetic ropes
* A probable active glacier has been identified for the first time on Mars.

Daily Scent-Stuff
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Dude, I gotta pack.

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Boondock/can't believe


So I'm ripping s00j and Tori CDs to Elayna's laptop so she'll have them on her iPod for the trip. And I'm fidgety, so I go to look at her desktop, which is terribly messy; I set about tucking things in the appropriate folders. School assignment, Orphan's Tales, okay, what's this document...

...Harry Potter slashfic.




I'm about 80% sure it's Coyote-chan's; Coyote-chan uses Elayna's computer a lot when she's here.

But I will certainly be asking Elayna.

I wonder what percentage of this generation's first exposure to porn will be Harry Potter slash?

EDIT: Since people are asking... no, it's not cute snuggly lovey-dovey "awww!"-inspiring slashfic. Nor is it anything with greased gerbils, from my cursory scan. It's an everybody-schtupping-Harry fic.

ALSO EDIT: Clarification - this was downloaded-off-the-'net slashfic. Chapter 16 of something. Elayna did not write this. Omigods no.

ALSO ALSO EDIT: Okay, she truly didn't seem to have any idea that that was there, so it's probably Coyote-chan's.
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Light dusting of snow my ass.

Our 6 PM flight has been delayed to 10 PM.


Adam's now on the phone with AirTran, seeing if they can put us on another airline, something, anything; disabled wife + small child = bad recipe for a late-night flight.

EDIT: And the bags have to be checked by the original takeoff time. Fuck. So I have five or so hours in a cramped airport seat before my three hours in a cramped airplane seat.

ALSO EDIT: Shutting down the computer; will next be online in Orlando. Wish me luck...
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(no subject)

Our flight?


They can't get us to Orlando or Daytona, like, at all.

Earliest they can get us to Florida - only place they can get us to in Florida - Tampa, tomorrow.

I'm beyond livid at this point. Adam called AirTran before we left the house; they said it was a delay, exhorted us to get there at the original departure time. We went. We spent over an hour on line. And... cancelled, and nothing they can do.

It's apparently AirTran's corporate policy to
a) lie
b) not put passengers from cancelled flights on other airlines
c) not even pretend they give a shit.

Actual exchange:
Me, to the supervisor refusing us assistance: "Is there anyone who does have the authority to help us?"
Him: "No... I'm the supervisor."
Me: "Just you."
Him: "Yep."
Me: "And you can't get us on another airline."
Him: "It's the weather. It's the holiday season."
Me: " does snow in December on a regular basis. You have no contingency plans for this?"
Him: "We can offer you a refund."
Me: "But you don't have the authority to get us on another airline. No one at AirTran does."
Him: [another long recitation of policy]
Me: "So... all you have the authority to do is repeat corporate policy soundbites at us until we go away."
Him, with a smirk and a nod: "Yes."

Oh, this went on for a while.

So. We're home. We're not going to get to see morenasangre and farren, and we're not going to get to do Downtown Disney. And we're out hundreds of dollars for the hotel, and about a hundred for cabfare back and forth.

Elayna cried. Not a lot. A few big quiet tears. She's all right, she says; she's just tired.

Sons of bitches made my daughter cry.

I will call AirTran after Adam finishes begging the hotel to not charge us. I will be calm. But I will demand compensation. And I'll follow it up with a letter. After dinner.

* The hotel's not charging us.
* AirTran's issuing a $50-per-passenger credit, which basically means a free flight for me. That I will not book in winter.
* Adam has pointed out that we should wait to write The Letter until our travel is concluded, just so we can document all the other ways they fuck up tomorrow. Good point.
* Me to Tampa resident haikujaguar: "Wanna do lunch?" Her: "!!Yes!"
* My spaghetti & meatballs is here. Nom nom nom.
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