December 5th, 2007


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers omnisti, parrish_relics, and shveta_thakrar!

Well, I have found my limits on this trip, and my limits = carrying bigass oil paintings several blocks in the cold. My shoulders, arms, and upper back are screaming.

And we're all of us exhausted, and none of us slept well. And s00j has a stuffy head.

Orphan's Tales
Last night's show freakin' rocked, y0. And it was recorded, and will be on an internet radio thing... I'll tell you when.

Quote of the Day
"We are here to witness; if we were not here the show would play to an empty house . . . .That is why I go for walks . . . to keep an eye on things."
-- Annie Dillard
(Notions like this = part of why my new middle name is going to be Walker.)

Adult Concepts
Read this!

Link Soup
* Microwave oven recall!
* 56 Geeks. I think Adam is like twelve of these.
* Homespun Analogy Generator. :)
* A week at the Mall of America
* Impossible map. Hmm.

There were ideas of museums and Vosges, but we ae moving verra slowly. Today is definitely a fall down go boom day.