November 16th, 2007



Happy early birthday to jasmine_koran and dandelion_diva, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Same, plus achiness from yesterday's heavy activity. Had trouble holding Max this morning, and he's *not* that heavy...

He is at the vet. They're doing the procedure this morning. I should know how he's doing by lunchtime, and I'll get to pick him up between 3 and 5, after the anesthesia wears off.

If you could spare a moment and pray/think good thoughts/whatever for my Max, that would be great. I love my kittyboy.

Waiting sucks.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thank you, new sponsors texmorgan and pkthunder!

I've made enough to cover the cost of Max's work. Even if it hits the maximum of $700. *sags in sheer relief* Next up, paying the $500 his previous work cost me. Credit cards - *wince*

This chapbook will definitely be dedicated to Max.

Thoughts on how this is going, creatively? I stand now at the midpoint. I just have to keep this up for another 15 days, another 15 fragments of story.

Thanksgiving prep
Adam's convinced me to cut one green and one orange veggie from my Thanksgiving menu. *whimper* I *want* to cook everything! But Adam wants me less busy and therefore less likely to collapse.

Dear 'song: You are not capable of doing the sorts of things you used to be able to do. However, you have good friends who want to help. So let them. Love, 'song.

Ordered a turkey from Whole Foods; it'll be all herbed up and ready to shove in the oven. Doing crescent rolls, green beans with chevre, cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes, mushroom stuffing, and whatever else Adam lets me get away with. Elayna's doing pumpkin pie for dessert, and I'm doing the infamous chocolate bourbon cake.

s00j and K. are bringing drums and guitars (and her amazing voice); slipjig and rafaela are bringing a guitar and a dulcimer (anything else, guys?) (I look forward to a performance of "88 Lines About 44 Fangirls"!). I have five drums and a bunch of things that can be happily shaken. Drum circle/jam session/whatever will follow dinner and the traditional during-dinner viewing of Princess Bride. (You have your traditions, I have mine.)

My thanksgiving is made of awesome.

Speaking of awesome...
Read this.

Daily Science
The placenta acts like a parasite to avoid attack by a mother's immune system, researchers have discovered.

A University of Reading team found it employs a cloaking device very similar to that used by parasitic worms.

They hope the finding will aid a greater understanding of recurrent miscarriages, and the potentially dangerous condition pre-eclampsia.

Mimicking this method of avoiding immune rejection may also provide ways to tackle conditions like arthritis.

'Round-the-house stuff. Maybe today's the day I get started on wrapping $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts...

Fuck fuck fuck.

Max is doing okay under the anesthesia. Don't worry about that.

But it's not periodontal disease.

It's feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, aka neck lesions, aka my poor baby has been in considerable pain.

From here: Dental resorption lesions result in the loss of tooth structure, starting with the outer enamel surface, usually at or below the gumline. The lesions, which are NOT cavities, begin as a loss of tooth enamel and can eventually spread to the dentin and then the pulp canal, which contains the blood vessels and nerves to the tooth. Sometimes, the entire crown of the tooth may be missing.

They're having to extract about six teeth, rather than the estimated four, and basically give him a root canal. He's on IV antibiotics, and will be on antibiotics at home. They're sealing his remaining teeth.

I feel so helpless. My baby has been in so much pain. And I didn't *know*. Like feste_sylvain said, that's par for the course to a point - animals hide weakness. But he wasn't showing anything that would point to this. Even the vet said so, which made me feel a little better; it wasn't even visible to the trained eye, let alone mine. He's been calm and active and snuggly. No aggression, no salivation, no bleeding.

But he has been in pain. Oh, my Max, I am so sorry...


And with that - I don't have the procedure financially covered, not out of funds just raised. It's looking like it'll be over a thousand, due to additional X-rays and additional extractions and root canal and sealing and antibiotics "but I really feel strongly that he needs this", and me nodding over the phone even though he can't see me and saying "Do it, just do whatever he needs, please, and we will sort it out." Because he is my baby. He is my kittyboy. Just help my boy.

And the thought of Max in pain is making me cry. So I'm going to stop typing about it for now.
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Gir - Yes! Wait - I Dunno...

(no subject)

Apparently, when stressed, I wrap $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts.

*looks around office*


*sigh* Ah well. Technique is irrelevant. Only gift is relevant. Have wrapped gifts for Elayna, Adam, Gwyn, feste_sylvain and his daughters... I'm stuck on Spooky's. I have no idea how best to wrap her giftage.

'k. Jump to my family. Mom and my sister both get Wyrding Studios pendants - easy to wrap. Grandma's is wrapped. Dad's getting Steve Martin DVDs - easy to wrap. And then I can mail that box. Adam's mom's gift pretty much came prewrapped.

EDIT: And I just scored two pretty and affordable Wyrding Studios pieces for my birthmom and aunt.


I can call soon to find out when I can pick my Max up. When I get him home, we will snuggle and nap together.

EDIT: Called. Max is awake and doing fine, requesting attention - and getting it - from the vet techs. Aw. He's a ladies' man, my Max. I can get him at 4:15.

*sigh of relief*
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Gir - I wanted to explode!

Advice sought!

So I have these two cousins. Boys. One's a high school senior, one's a college freshman. I have *no* idea what to get them for $WINTERHOLIDAY.

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Max is home!

Last post about Max today, I promise! But I know some of you are following his progress. So.

Max is home. *deep sigh of relief*

Seven teeth had to go. I nearly cried looking at the erosion on his X-rays... my poor Max...

Four medications. Erythromycin for his eye (it got red and weepy, which may be just a reaction to all of the other stuff). Buprenex for pain. Metacam for inflammation. Clavamox to ward off infection.

He's kinda wobbly, but he's been anesthetized all day. So.

He is being verra affectionate. Good hard head-butts and rubs. He's purring when I hold him. (Except when I had to give him Buprenex. He did not like that.)

Such deep relief. My boy's okay.

He'll go in in ten days for a followup.

And... $1,131. *wince* I gave them the $700 I've raised with Wind Tunnel Dreams so far, and postdated checks for the rest. Will come in and pay them earlier if I get more monies for Wind Tunnel Dreams. (That's a total of $1,631, counting the $500 in testing he's had over the past two months to make sure this wasn't a thyroid or cancer issue. You know I love this cat.)

I'm going to go hug my cat now.
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