October 11th, 2007

Blinded by Science

Thor's Day

Hello to new reader pulzella_gaia!

Little decline from yesterday. Not insurmountable, just difficult and frustrating.

On Drama
I was talking to a friend not too long ago who'd been caught in some old drama caused my her friend/my ex. My friend said that my ex was still giving them trouble/not talking to them because of their continued friendship with me. I asked, "Why me over him? I mean, I know he was your friend first." My friend turned to me and said "Because you're the one who's not acting like a horse's ass."

So. Regarding people who don't let shit drop, who talk shit, who try to recruit people to their "side", whatever - screw it. I'm just going to be over here, continuing to be the one who's not acting like a horse's ass. I like my way better.

On Doors
The stuff tagged "door" is very autobiographical/thinly fictionalized. So far, it's grounded in fact. It will eventually be fantasy, though - it's my way of writing another ending for my first love. He didn't *have* to become what he became. But he died too young to change. And... I want to change his ending.

Door to an alternate universe. One where he's whole.

Daily Science
Black holes belch dust! There are a handful of things that truly baffle astronomers. In general they are caused by two observations that contradict each other, or at least an observation that contradicts theory. For example, we know that dust grains — complex aggregations of various minerals and compounds in space — are created in red giants and supernovae. But we see a lot of dust way back in the early Universe, before it seems like there were stars old enough to make it.

A new observation using the Spitzer Space Telescope shows that black holes might be making that dust. Astronomers observed a quasar, a type of galaxy with an extra-bright nucleus, about 8 billion light years away, and specifically the black hole in the center of that quasar. All big galaxies have supermassive black holes in their centers; the one in the Milky Way is about 4 million times the mass of the Sun, but some can be a billion solar masses! If that black hole is gobbling down matter, it can actually wind up spewing a lot of that material back out. The material can be very bright, making it easy to study.

Astronomers took a look at the material coming out of the central black hole in quasar PG2112+059 and found it had a lot more complex dust in it than was previously thought (including the materials that make up sapphires and rubies!). Normally, that kind of dust is generated in stars but is quickly destroyed by nearby bright stars — their UV light can break down the materials — so seeing this much of it implies strongly that it’s coming from the black hole wind itself.

Will edit Daily BPAL in later; I'm cold and naked and need a shower.
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In other news, my life is full of schmoop. :)

Y'know the "comment and I'll tell you three things I love about you" meme? feste_sylvain posted it, and I asked, curious as to how he'd narrow it down. He said:

I love your ability to transcend holism; you are not your illnesses.

I love your sharp, multi-faceted mind; your eyes fairly glow with the thoughts behind them.

I love your hair...

But he could not stop there, and e-mailed me a further list...

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He loves my editing. *giggle*
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Mail call!

Incredibly fabulous mail day! BPAL like who - 5mls of Scorpio and Midnight Kiss, imps of the new pirate scents (I have the sweet lusciousness of Kill-Devil on one wrist right now and the take-no-prisoners kickass spice of Plunder on the other), and lots of frimpage - and my double Inquisition plea, tricked with Egg'd Mailbox (which I'll try to swap for Pumpkin Smash if it doesn't work on me) and treated with Marshmallow Poof!

And and and.

My Wanderlust piece from kythryne.

I would post a picture, but I know Kythryne will have taken one, and it's likely better than my amateur pic would be, 'specially since the piece has flashes of labradorite and glass.

It is exquisite. Perfect to the point where I teared up just looking at it.

No bright flashy glitz. This is my Vegas, drawn from my writing.

Oy, I'm still verklempt. Kyth, picture? :)
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