September 27th, 2007


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to wispfox!

Hello to new (returning?) reader just_shai!

Slept 9 hours, thanks to the emergency Lunesta Adam pried from the bitch pharmacist's hands. Turns out there are additional issues with the prescription. Does 'song have to choke a bitch? Apparently. The (actually helpful) pharmacy manager is there 9-9 today, so add that to my list of things to do.

XKCD Meetup in the news!
Here and here.

Link Soup
* Need a 1UP?
* Cute little newly-discovered fruit bat!
* Biomimetic butterflies!

Daily Science
The study found that "[A]ctive rTMS significantly reduced pain and improved several aspects of quality of life (including fatigue, morning tiredness, general activity, walking and sleep) for up to 2 weeks after treatment had ended. The analgesic effects were observed from the fifth stimulation onwards and were not related to changes in mood or anxiety. The effects of rTMS were more long-lasting for affective than for sensory pain, suggesting differential effects on brain structures involved in pain perception."

They reported very few side effects and concluded that the data shows that unilateral rTMS of the motor cortex has potential as an effective analgesic therapy for fibromyalgia due to its long-term reduction of chronic widespread pain.

Daily BPAL
Ohhh you guys... they're planning Steampunk and Egyptian lines. *falls over*

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* Get Max's stool sample (when he produces one) to the vet
* Duel with the pharmacy
* Half hour of TiVoed yoga?
* Allergist appointment
* Get mattress and pillow protectors on. (Change sheets.)
* Three items from to-do list.

EDIT: Sekrit Messages from here!
feste_sylvain: I feel blessed by getting to know you. You are a genuinely interesting and encouraging person. That's rare.
insanequiet: scott will forget to mention it but he's going to be up by you this weekend and he may come by to say hi.
jmfunnyface: there's an ass for every seat, and you'll find a new ass soon. be well.
ringrrl416: the trick is to surrender to the flow :-)
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Picture of the Day

All self-portraiture so far done in the presence of mgrasso, who makes me giggly. I'm sensitive about my tooth-discoloration - it's actually excess-fluoride damage. That's not staining, it's dentin showing through my fluorided-off enamel.

Yeah. I had great parents. *eyeroll*

Anyway. I have the habit of reflexively covering my mouth when I laugh, to hide my teeth (I was teased when I was younger, with the assumption that I didn't brush my teeth). It's a measure of my comfort with mgrasso that I don't do that with him. I don't know what it's a measure of that I'm posting this here. Maybe that I no longer give a shit. The body fluctuations have distanced me from a lot of the psychological crap about my body. I got to viewing it as a broken machine, and viewing the doctors as mechanics. There are lots of little things wrong - this, my torn disc, my toes - but we have to concentrate on the transmission first. Y'know? Years of the Really Big Things going haywire have desensitized me to the Little Things. I mean, I used to be so photograph-phobic. Now I'm posting pictures of myself on a not-great hair day, with no makeup, for nigh unto a thousand people.

Hm. Self-portraiture's bringing out interesting things.

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So hi. I'm basically spending the day waiting for my cat to take a dump.


Have dueled with the pharmacy and the insurance company, done TiVoed yoga, showered, stripped and remade the bed with the new hypoallergenic mattress-protector thingies, put away the clean clothes, run the dishwasher... and checked for poop between each activity... no poop. And he's hiding under the bed.

*waits impatiently*

I shall be very put out if he waits til I've left for my allergist appointment.
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