September 20th, 2007

Napalm - Fandom

Thor's Day

Hello to returning reader gandalfgreyhame!

Same. Allergist appointment this afternoon to get tested for the food allergies.

Max is in good spirits, Collapse ) He *hates* the medicine - squirms like crazy to get away from that syringe. :( He loves his chicken, though. Maybe he sees it as a reward for taking the medicine.

Anyone driving from Boston to NJ for SalonCon? Last call. :(

If I don't get to go to SalonCon, I'll likely go to the XKCD meetup and RiverSing on Sunday.

Bit of Beauty
Brian Dettmer's book autopsies. (I know, it's a necropsy, not an autopsy, if the subject isn't human. It's Dettmer's title, not mine. Go look at pretty pictures.)

Daily Science
The way that solar technology is advancing these days can only be described as truly exciting. The latest report: a team of British researchers from Durham University have developed light absorbing materials for use in the production of super-thin layer photovoltaics. These thin cells could be installed on homes or even moving cars, and could be significantly less expensive than their thicker counterparts.

The research team is being led by Ken Durose, from the Durham Centre for Renewable Energy. Why do we need thin layer photovoltaics? The more common thicker photovoltaics contain iridium and other rare and expensive materials. Thus, by creating thinner PVs, the cost of these panels will be reduced. Ideally, if the project pans out, these panels will be installed on homes to fulfill their power requirements and give back any excess power to the grid. Furthermore, if they are thin and light enough, they could be installed on moving vehicles.

“One of the main issues in solar energy is the cost of materials and we recognize that the cost of solar cells is slowing down their uptake.” said Professor Ken Durose.

Daily BPAL
Collapse )

* That accursed list
* Figuring out how to work my new camera
* Calling primary care doc to inquire about chest X-ray
* Calling insurance company to inquire about status of Lunesta dose increase approval
* Calling vet about Max
* Allergist
* Date with feste_sylvain!

I think I can fit ritual in there. If I go shower now.
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Random Acts of Kindness Poll

I am stealing this from slipjig, because it is a good idea. :)

If there is someone reading this journal to whom you would like to say something kind—a compliment, a flirtation, a word of encouragement, etc.—say it in this poll. I will print your replies in this journal, keeping senders' names anonymous. (Do make sure you include the LJ name of the person you're writing to/about, so they can receive their random act of kindness!)

Say something to someone:

If you have another person you want to send a message to, go ahead:

Ahh, what the heck. One more:

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Elayna 2006

School fundraiser: Cheap magazine subscriptions!

And copying from my wonderful husband:

Elayna's school's annual fundraiser (which we missed last year, since we moved up here late) is a magazine subscription sale. The prices are surprisingly good -- Entertainment Weekly for $20 for one year, $32 for two, Gourmet/Bon Appetit combined for $24 a year, ESPN for $25 a year, Newsweek for $20/year. They do support renewals and gift subscriptions.

For various security reasons (and probably to prevent spamming), the system does not allow us to just post a URL. Instead, we need to send custom email invites to anyone who wants to browse. I'm screening comments here, so if you're interested, leave your first name, last name, and preferred email addy in a comment, and I'll get an invite sent your way.


('song talking: Apparently the prizes this year are mondo awesome. Elayna's really excited about this!)
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Lollipop! - xanadumalion

(no subject)

The new Hello Kitty vibrators.

mgrasso: "Look, it's one color for every day of the week!"
Me: "What about Sunday?"
mgrasso: "Sunday is the Lord's day, 'song."

We have been cracking each other up and taking silly and embarrassing pictures of each other for like an hour now. Hee!

I require Hello Kitty vibrators. I will give them out as party favors!
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