August 31st, 2007

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Happy early birthday to dindin, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hangin' in.

This is pretty much how Adam and I met. (Except he was the girl.)

(Yes, seriously. I was on my honeymoon.)

Give Us Your Poor
"In the month of September 2006 Natalie [Merchant] produced a three-day recording session for an upcoming benefit album and documentary film about homelessness in the United States. ...Give Us Your Poor is behind a creative project that links established, professional musicians with artists who have been or currently are homeless. Give Us Your Poor solicited demos from the nation's network of homeless shelters and gave Natalie a selection of 50 original songs from which to choose...The original proposal was that Natalie collaborate with one artist but she decided to include as many as possible, constructing a band and group of singers dominated by artists from the demos....Other artists participating on the album are: Jon Bon Jovi, Buffalo Tom, Mario Frangoulis, Danny Glover, Jewel, Sonya Kitchell, Mighty Sam McClain, Keb' Mo', Madeleine Peyroux, Bonnie Raitt, Tim Robbins, John Sebastian, Pete Seeger, Michelle Shocked, Bruce Springsteen, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Dan Zanes."

LJ/6A Screwing the Pooch Again
Today, LiveJournal management have demonstrated a serious lack of understanding in how the internet works, declaring that users are responsible for the content of the webpages that they link to in their blog entries. A user points out the obvious flaw: "I get ToS'd because the link's been redirected to a page full o' porn, even though context clearly shows that when I originally put up the link that it didn't actually land on a page of porn?" One wonders how such a long-established blogging company can be so ignorant about the nature of the world wide web.

An account by an LJer who's been back and forth with LJ Abuse over this.

Related: But posting about abusing your kids is okay, if you're following Biblical principles.

Irish Fest in Altamont, featuring Flogging Molly. Several of you said you might go, but I need to know if you are or not, as I can't go unless I have a ride. And I have a lot of stuff to plan for in September, so I need to know what's up for that weekend. Please let me know!

Daily Science
Astronomers have a new way to pin down the size and nature of stellar corpses called neutron stars, which are so dense they may boast exotic forms of matter seen nowhere else in the universe. The method relies on observations of effects predicted by Einstein's theories of special and general relativity.

Daily BPAL
Okay, the Trick or Treat Inquisition scents are now tempting me, thanks to the reviews on and it looks like I've missed out on all the decant circles. :( So I am pondering hosting my own. This is how it works: You give me $50 and specify what T-shirt you want; I plead 3 Tricks, 3 Treats, and one utterly random; you all get the shirt of your choice and a decant of each of the seven scents. (Note: I will need decanting help from a steady-handed local!)

Who's interested?

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* Curves
* Aquarium/Fanueil Hall/North End with The Kids
* Collapsing into a little ball and sleeping
* Sleepover date with &e

Oh, Friday Memeage!

Wearing: MBL shirt and yoga pants
Reading: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, The Last Colony by John Scalzi, and Death's Acre: Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab 'The Body Farm', Where the Dead do Tell Tales by Bill Bass.
Writing: Need time at the computer to let the rest of the Woods Hole thing drop out of my head.
Friday: *points above*
Saturday: Hanging out with feste_sylvain and his girls
Sunday: No plans. Sleep?
Monday: No plans.

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