August 20th, 2007

I can kill you with my brain.


Hello to we_happy_few, who finally remembered that I have an LJ. :)

Bit of upper body agita, but it's mostly the feet. I need to start using the night splint again.

Good Thoughts Request
The much-loved brujah, aka Helly, is going through a major surgical procedure today. Good thoughts, prayers, whatever form your wishes-with-intent for her well-being may take, are requested. *goes to light a candle for Hellygrrl*

Elayna is home, settling in. She had one of her best friends over all day yesterday. :) Right now, she's playing her Wii. She will be at Diesel tomorrow. :)

Finally saw it last night. Adored it. Re-read the book when I got home to refresh myself on the changes they made... and came away satisfied. This could not have been a direct translation - it wouldn't have worked. Their additions made it work, and felt pretty seamless. I am happy with both versions of this story.

Empath sex FTW.

Also? I may start using my sexfilter again... if I ever have time to write in it!

The cut-tagged fiction post I tagged "door" is part of my experiment in autobiographical fiction. Specifically, writing my first love - the Bad Boyfriend of my teenage years - a new ending. I haven't decided whether to get that project its own LJ.

News in Muppets
Oh, those Dark Crystal statues are gorgeous. And expensive. *sigh* Here's Urak the Mystic (or Ur'ru, if you've read the book), and here's Jen on a Landstrider. To scale. *whimper* Want.

Link Soup
* Lighting the frescoed walls of Ružica Church, a small chapel built into the side of Kalemegdan fortress, are two chandeliers made entirely of spent bullet casing, swords, and cannon parts. It is a more fitting decoration than one might realize.
* Reactable music table. Shiny!
* Bull penis walking cane. I need a cane, and I may get one from here, but I don't think I could use a bull penis cane without giggling like crazy.
* The Cardboard Robot Rumble. Like the Zombie Crawl, but with cardboard robots. Boston should do this!
* Sure, the compact disc may have just celebrated 25 years in the biz, but nothing says quasi-old school like a double-sided cassette tape. Granted, it's a bit harder to effectively distribute mix tapes on a format rarely appreciated this day in age, so the Mix Tape USB Drive steps in to deliver your favorite compilations in a modern form without ditching that crucial retro flair.
* Lego ring!

Daily Science
Huge clusters of galaxies are surely colliding in Abell 520 but astrophysicists aren't sure why the dark matter is becoming separated from the normal matter. The dark matter in the above multi-wavelength image is shown in false blue, determined by carefully detailing how the cluster distorts light emitted by more distant galaxies. Very hot gas, a form of normal matter, is shown in false red, determined by the X-rays detected by the Earth-orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory. Individual galaxies dominated by normal matter appear yellowish or white. Conventional wisdom holds that dark matter and normal matter are attracted the same gravitationally, and so should be distributed the same in Abell 520. Inspection of the above image, however, shows a surprising a lack of a concentration of visible galaxies along the dark matter. One hypothetical answer is that the discrepancy is caused by the large galaxies undergoing some sort of conventional gravitational slingshots. A more controversial hypothesis holds that the dark matter is colliding with itself in some non-gravitational way that has never been seen before. Further simulations and study of this cluster may resolve this scientific conundrum.

The Bad Astronomy blog says: "While astronomers are scratching their heads over this, I would caution that we are only just now starting to be able to make maps like these, and it doesn’t surprise me that all kinds of weird things will come up. While the Bullet Cluster was a brilliant confirmation of DM theory, as was the COSMOS survey, not all galaxy clusters are equal. Since we have seen a whole pile of evidence supporting DM, it looks like Abell 520 will give us insight into details of the theory (as opposed to overthrowing the idea of DM altogether). Do DM particle interact more than we thought? Could the galaxies in Abell 520 have interacted in some way as to separate them from the dark matter? Is there some other aspect of the theory we missed, or are wrong about? The astronomers who took this data will be getting more time not only on Chandra but on Hubble as well to investigate this mystery. The beauty of this, as usual, is that by getting contradicted over what we expect, we learn more about what the Universe is trying to tell us. Confirmation of theories is always good, of course, but it’s that occasional slap in the face where the real progress is made." (Emphasis mine.)

Daily Scent-Stuff
I came home to a bunch of rare BPAL! But I'm reviewing Possets today, because these are LEs. (Speaking of which, did anyone get the Bat's Day LEs?)

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Curves. Elayna needs to finish a few projects - schoolwise and unpackingwise. I have a date with marmota tonight. :)
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

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BTW, I have been hella busy and away from the computer for the last week-plus, so I haven't kept up on my friendslist. Got news? Tell me!
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Everything hurts/Doesn't work

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A moment I hate:

I sit up/I stand/I set my foot on the stairs...

And I can't help it - pain flashes across my face. I school my features quickly, but my partner/my friend has already seen me wince.

The look on their face...

That is the moment I hate.

Yeah, I hate the pain itself. But not nearly as much as I hate the look of heartsickness and helplessness in my loved one's eyes.

*closes eyes* *breathes*

And what do you say? What do I say? It comes out in a jumble. "It's okay."

Another look from my companion, this time a "don't bullshit me" look.

"It'll be okay."

But we know the truth. It might never be okay. They know it. They know I know they know.

And finally what tumbles out of my mouth is the truth we all hate so much to hear and acknowledge: "There's nothing you can do."

Because that is what my partner or friend wants. They want to help. Surely there must be something they can do.

But there isn't.

So I sit, I stand, I walk, trying to not hide the pain now, since they've seen it anyway; being honest.

It is an awful thing to know that someone you care for is in pain, and that there is nothing you can do about it.

And that's what I curse the fibro for. It's not just me that this is hurting.
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