August 17th, 2007

Sell You All for Experiments

Finally Friday!

Happy birthday to any_contingency!

Happy early birthday to barodar and the lemon-scented murnkay, who advance a year over the weekend!

*cautious poke* A little more functional.

...would like to thank the anonymous friend who gave her an LJ v-gift. :)

There are new ones. Cute ones. And ordinarily I would not bother to mention it, because I don't want to give LJ/6A money, but - every paid member has received a gift certificate of $1, so you can send one for free. Free is good. Details are here.

(...I like the brain in a jar.)

Lunar Eclipse!
The event begins 54 minutes past midnight PDT (0754 UT) on August 28th when the Moon enters Earth's shadow. At first, there's little change. The outskirts of Earth's shadow are as pale as the Moon itself; an onlooker might not even realize anything is happening. But as the Moon penetrates deeper, a startling metamorphosis occurs. Around 2:52 am PDT (0952 UT), the color of the Moon changes from moondust-gray to sunset-red. This is totality, and it lasts for 90 minutes.

Totality is from 5:52 to 7:22 eastern time. Who wants to get us early and watch the eclipse with us? Anyone know a good eclipse-watching spot?

Who wants to go to the following concerts with me?

September 14 and 15, Altamonte, NY, Irish 2000 Music and Arts Festival! Why haul out to NY? Because Flogging Molly's playing. And Gaelic Storm, and Seven Nations, Young Dubliners, Enter the Haggis, The Tossers, The Clumsy Lovers, and more... road trip, anyone? I am very serious. Two days = $25. Dude. Flogging Molly!

October 11, Boston: Hot Hot Heat!

October 19, Boston: They Might Be Giants! (I assume that Adam and Elayna are joining me for this one. I also assume that many of you would like to as well.)

Hot Hot Heat tickets go on sale this morning, so let me know ASAP. TMBG tickets go on sale Monday.

Daily Science
Insultingly stupid movie physics. :)

Friday memeage!
Wearing: Museum of Science t-shirt, extra-large.
Reading: Everything Bad is Good for You, by Steven Johnson. Just finished Heat, by Bill Buford, which I enjoyed immensely and recommend to anyone who's interested in food.
Friday: Getting more red in my hair today. Napping. Hanging out with enderfem and chemokitty.
Saturday: Returning to Boston! feste_sylvain's picking us up at the airport, and I'll be spending the night with him. :)
Sunday: Getting Elayna resettled; seeing Stardust with her and Adam. :)

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I'm totally blogging this


ZOMG you guys.

This Monday.

Meat Loaf.

I have to go. I have to go. Who's coming with me?

No, I am not kidding. Seriously. We gotta go.
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Julia - Fandom

Because this is where it starts.

The webcomic, that is.

When one has a big huge whole world, it's hard to figure out where to open a seam to let you in. So. Donna will tell you her story,the history of her people and their city, up through its recent decay - and the decision to track down the long-lost girl who may be their only home.

And so Act I of the comic itself will start with Tessa getting the call. Because it has some humor with the horror, it shows the fantasy element right off, it introduces a lot of characters in a fairly organic day...

This is a world, not just a story. In a world, beginnings happen every day. This isn't the beginning. But it is a beginning, and one of the more important ones.

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