August 15th, 2007

Gir - I wanted to explode!

Dolphin Day!

Happy birthday to lmarley!

This has not been an easy trip. Allover pain. Legs particularly bad. Tendonitis flaring up, too. *sigh* It'll be better once I get home and get some *rest*. I hope.

The Gospel of the Knife
If you already have your copy of Will Shetterly's The Gospel of the Knife - be advised that he would like you to add the last line, the line he didn't realize was perfect til now: So, everyone who has the book, please write the following line into the last page. It's a new paragraph, and there are no quotes:

Now, forget.

Buy Finder!
Carla Speed McNeil says "All eight of my books that are currently in print are available as RELISTS in the current PREVIEWS. This means the shops can reorder my backstock with ease. GO BEG."

It'll be worth your while. Finder, a series of graphic novels that defies genre but can be categorized as aboriginal SF, is one of the most innovative series I've ever seen, does a tremendous job of world-building, and features a main character I'm half in love with. Speed switched to online publishing ---> print graphic novels from the single issue comic format last year. Give the lady a paycheck.

Link Soup
* Paper alarm clock, and other uses of digital paper.

* Hotmail and MSN users: You're not getting your e-mail. After five days of back and forth, a Microsoft employee named Bobbi confirmed that emails sent from Firth’s domain,, were being "hard filtered" by SmartScreen. And not because they violated some documented technical requirement or contained suspicious phrases that triggered content filters. Rather, they failed to pass conditions buried deep inside SmartScreen that support people declined to share with Firth - out of concern the disclosures would allow spammers to bypass the defenses.

* Ever leave the house wondering if you left something on that should’ve been turned off? Wouldn’t you love to be able to power down your house with the touch of one button? That’s the simple notion behind the Whole House-Off Switch by designer Jack Godfrey Wood, a single button that can turn off of the unnecessary power in the house, so as you walk out the door, you can be sure all the TVs, lights, and other appliances you may have left on are safely off and not consuming any electricity.

* Comically large things.

* How do you know what you never wear anymore? After you’ve done a major purge of your closet, remove all the remaining clothes that live on hangers, and put them back in backwards, such that the open end of each hanger now faces you. Got it? Then, mark your calendar for six months (or whatever) from today, and go back to your business as usual. Except that after every time you wear a shirt or a jacket or a skirt or what have you, when you replace the item, make sure the hanger faces the opposite/usual way (with the opening in the back). When your n months have passed, and your calendar reminds you that it’s time, open your closet and remove every piece of clothing on a backward hanger; the chances are good you can give it away without the slightest pain, because you just clearly demonstrated that you don’t wear it.

Daily Science
When most people look at a window, they see solid panes of glass. But for decades, physicists, who view window glass at the molecular level, have pondered the question of whether or not glass is a solid or merely an extremely slow-moving liquid. This has relevance to nanotech, FYI.

Swimming with dolphins!

One day, I will return to writing actual entries. I actually have a lot saved up to say...
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