August 12th, 2007

Starfire/Don't mess with me


* This weekend has been overfull, and looks to continue to be so.
* The Museum of Fine Arts is very pretty, but a *lot* of walking. When I go back, we must rent a chair.
* Today = Brunch, Costco/Target/Best Buy/Staples, Dinner - and me packing for almost an entire week in Florida.
* Am overscheduled like whoa. Thankfully, I don't appear to be overscheduled in Florida itself. Breathing room!

* I need an internet-enabled PDA, so instead of saying "that sounds like fun", I can say "No, I'll be in Florida that day." My brain is going "iPhone iPhone iPhone!" *thwaps brain* Dear reader, what would you suggest?

* I have to be at the airport by 7 AM tomorrow. ARGH.
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

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Adam's mom has a thing for Costco. A serious, serious thing for Costco. So every time she visits, we get dragged to freakin' Costco.

Costco = so freakin' overwhelming. Seriously.

You don't even want to know how much chicken she bought us.

If we invite you over for dinner? Be aware that you are having chicken.


*looks around* Ai-ya. Where are we going to put all of these paper towels? Adam's mom is a madwoman.

In related news, I now have a new printer, a cart for my craft supplies, William Gibson's Spook Country, two new shirts, enough tampons for a year, et cetera.

And seriously achy feet. And - yeah. naptime.

Katchoo - Terry Moore

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Am so, so far beyond exhausted.

Am as packed as I can be, given activity level and fact that I need to use my toothbrush and stuff tomorrow morning.

Am taking suggestions for flash fiction to write on the plane again.

Am letting you know now that there will be no morning post, as I'm pretty much rolling straight from bed to shower to taxi. And am not paying for wifi at the airport.

Am really looking forward to seeing my kid. Am too exhausted to articulate this.

Am also really looking forward to next Saturday. Which is when Elayna and I get to come home.

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