August 10th, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.


Happy birthday to havelyard!
Happy early birthday to bitsyboo, who advances a year over the weekend!

Feeling the general aches of the morning after a night of *ahem* testing my body's limits with feste_sylvain. *contented stretch* That's not a complaint, mind you. At all.

Hey, a link! Top ten sites for chronic pain.

Dizzying levels of schmoop
I think the reason I don't post as much about the high schmoop levels is that I have two new people raising said levels, and on some level, I fear not being balanced. There is balance. There are wonderfully dizzying amounts of RE here. I say RE instead of NRE because I don't get New Relationship Energy, I just get Relationship Energy. This doesn't change or fade. WYSIWIG. I'll be just as likely seven years from now to look up at feste_sylvain or marmota and give a happy little *squee*. Ask Adam. He gets it all the time. :)

But yes. Soaring on wings of exciting new discovery through Wednesdays with marmota (pillow talk: theology) and feste_sylvain (pillow talk: physics). This is incredible and I love it. :) *laugh* Feel like I'm dancing without moving...

I get to see my Miss Kid again on Monday! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Link Soup
* Look what they can do with chocolate!
* LJ's screwups, detailed on SlashDot.
* Five fun videos.
* All in the Family: 5 Wars Waged on Familial Insults

Daily Science
A sad one.

A freshwater dolphin found only in China is now "likely to be extinct", a team of scientists has concluded. The researchers failed to spot any Yangtze river dolphins, also known as baijis, during an extensive six-week survey of the mammals' habitat. The team, writing in Biology Letters journal, blamed unregulated fishing as the main reason behind their demise.
If confirmed, it would be the first extinction of a large vertebrate for over 50 years.

Daily BPAL
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In the spirit in which they were sent to me, the testable sniffie of Doc Buzzard is up for grabs - first come, first served. I only ask that you pass it along for free as well, if you opt not to keep it. EDIT: It's going to kythryne. :)

Will be packing things up and going to the post office today, come hell or high water. *stamps tiny foot*

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Little polka-dot cami and boyshort. (The set I wore through most of Blogathon.)
Reading: Finishing up Coyote Road. (I read some stuff in between. It was one of those weeks where I had four books going at once.) Next up: Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both, by Laura Sessions Stepp. Then Territory, by Emma Bull. *nod*
Today: Packing up BPAL stuff and mailing it and a bunch of other stuff. Some form of exercise. A desperate attempt to neaten up Adam's side of the bedroom. Same with the kitchen and dining room area. (The living room is mostly okay.) Adam's mom arrives late this afternoon.
This weekend: Hanging out with Adam's mom!

And extremely freakin' early Monday morning, I'll be off to Florida. So sometime this weekend, I'll have to pack.
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S.J. Tucker House Concert!

I will be hosting a s00j house concert this November! When this November? Well, that's partially up to you, dear possible attendee. I'd like to hold it when most of you can make it. This lady deserves an audience!

Please answer this poll *if you might be able to attend*. If you know you can't make it, please don't screw up the results. But! If you might be able to attend, please check *all* weekends that might work for you.

Thanks, and check out s00j's music at her website!

What weekend works for you?

November 3-4
November 10-11
Thanksgiving weekend

Personally, I'm leaning towards Thanksgiving weekend because Spooky and Gwyn will be here, and possibly slipjig, rafaela, jenphalian,lbitw, and zarhooie. I'm leaning heavily towards Thanksgiving weekend. But I don't know what most of my local friends do for Thanksgiving - if you'll be out of town. So. Please be sure to tick the "Thanksgiving weekend" box if you can possibly make it then!
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Early afternoon miscellany

In other news, I spent my morning/early afternoon mucking out Adam's closet. The door closes now, and the worst of that mess is concealed. *phew*

And... my childhood best friend, who I fell out of contact with about six years ago, called me. :) Hoping we can do coffee next week!

Got my earring-club earrings from Wearable Sculpture yesterday - long smooth lovely slightly-iridescent beads. *happy sigh*

And it is a lovely slightly-chilly day out.

And now - lunch!
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