August 6th, 2007

Smoke that Slides


Happy birthday to pkthunder!

Hello to new readers emma2403 and lmarley!

My cold is about 90% gone... the cough lingers. The big issue today is the tendonitis. And I can't find my squeezy therapeutic fingerless gloves. :(

Remember to make your donation!

Fellow Blogathonners, what were your totals? I'd like to post them in the list-post and kvell about how much we all rock.

Office Progress
Lots of it! Packed up a box that's been taking up a big chunk of the floor space for months. Must finish my BPAL Switch Witchee's last box,then it's off to the post office with that and the last of the Blogathon auctions.

Between that box and finally unpacking some statues that had been sitting, boxed, on my office floor, you can actually walk through my office now. Yay! Next stop: my desk.

Link Soup
* TaskPaper: For Mac users who want a simpler way to create lists. TaskPaper is a simple to-do list application that helps you stay organized. Unlike competing applications, TaskPaper is based on plain text files which offer you paper-like simplicity and ease of use.

* Animated steampunk mecha battle. Dude. Plus a bunch of other fun movie links and lists.

* Excellent post by haikujaguar.

* As part of the Tate Modern’s current exhibition, Global Cities, on display in the gallery’s vast Turbine Hall, is a series of intriguing “density models”. The plywood structures were created by a team of designers and architects at the London School Of Economics, led by Professor Richard Burdett. The models are shaped around the outlines of each city, with each layer of plywood representing an extra 200 people per square kilometre. …“To create the models, we calculated a 3D surface representing residential density in each city and then extracted the contour lines for those with Geographic Information System software,” explains the LSE team’s Bruno Moser. “Those were then processed by modelmakers Pipers, cut and assembled.”

* The Visual Dictionary: The Visual Dictionary is a collection of words in the real world. Photographs of signage, graffiti, advertising, tattoos, you name it, we're trying to catalogue it. Help them out!

* Hotel built completely out of blocks of salt.

* The Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, Poland, is the world’s oldest salt mine - in fact, it’s the only mining site in the world that has operated continuously since the Middle Ages...The mine is deep and long: it reaches a depth of 327 meters (1,072 feet) and has over 300 km (186 mi.) of tunnels and shafts. Many of its chambers are decorated and fashioned into chapels, complete with amazing artwork sculpted from the very rock salt that made the mine.

Daily Science
A reef of glass sponges, creating a deep-sea oasis 650 feet below the surface, was discovered for the first time in U.S. waters off the Washington coast. The sponges are so rich with marine life that scientists call them "a kindergarten or living hotel." All variety of baby organisms thrive among the reef of yellow and orange sponges, which look something like hollowed-out, supersized Cheetos. These "Manhattans of the sea floor" house a diversity of starfish, crabs, shrimp, rockfish, worms and snails.

Researchers didn't even think the oxymoronic structures - sponges made of glass that form reefs - even existed anymore. Captured in the fossil record, they were thought until fairly recently to have gone extinct 100 million years ago. They were supposed to have been squeezed out by the arrival of microscopic marine algae that began gobbling up the glassy silica the sponges need to build their skeletons. Instead, the crafty creatures went to depths too dark for the tiny plants - but not so deep that they couldn't get enough oxygen. There, the 1½-foot-tall single-celled organisms built reefs.

Daily BPAL
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*updates swap/sale post*

Curves. I missed a whole week of exercise to sleep-dep and that nasty cold.
Target for organizational-type stuff.
Continuing the housecleaning.
Two nuggets for the Shayara website.
Finish Blogathon maintenance stuff and set it aside for next year.

feste_sylvain and I were talking about my morning post habit (he likes it). I mused that it's really an attempt to keep some structure in my homebound, amorphously-scheduled life. It gives me a clear starting point for my day.
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Blogathon 2007

Post-Blogathon edit, 8/6/07: We've raised over $3,600 so far for BARCC! Still tallying donations from photo auctions. Thank you guys so much!

Sponsor me!

I'll be participating in Blogathon 2007 on July 28. From 9 AM Saturday to 9 AM Sunday, I'll be blogging tirelessly to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, writing a piece of flash fiction every half hour (inspired by your one-word writing prompts!) for 24 hours. Trust me - this is even harder than it looks. This is my eXtreme sport. :)

What you do
* Sponsor me!
* You'll get an e-mail after the Blogathon confirming that I did it (yes, they check during the 'thon!).
* You pay!

I'm auctioning off exquisite jewelry, art, et cetera to benefit BARCC - click here to go shopping!

What I do
* Type my ass off.
* Give you a Blogathon Incentive - Mouse and I are discussing what cool Shayara thing we can do for you.

How you can help
* Sponsor me! *laugh*
* Donate crafts, books, whatever you do to be auctioned to benefit BARCC.
* If you're local, come by and feed and entertain me. :)
* Give me writing prompts! Yes, in this post.

In past years, I've blogged for RAINN. I still have a deep commitment to RAINN! But they get a lot more attention and funding than smaller, local crisis centers. And BARCC's a good one. They maintain a phone hotline, send volunteers to help survivors in the hospital, through the rape kit, and they have a speaker's bureau that goes to schools, businesses, everywhere, to speak out against rape and sexual assault - to show what it does, to try to nip it in the bud.

This is the kind of organization that runs on a shoestring budget. We raised $3,400 for RAINN last year. Can you imagine what that would do for a smaller crisis center? It would be huge. It would be amazing. It would allow them to do exponentially more.

Be amazing. Do this for me, for yourself, for your sister or mother, daughter or friend. Do it because they deserve it.

Sponsor me!

And here are some other people you can sponsor! (Italicized people are blogging at my house as Team Venture!)

* aurora_lamour is blogging at ecrite_lamour for the National Alliance for Mental Health - sponsor her!
* bettybaker is blogging for the Breast Cancer 3-Day - sponsor her!
* blitheandbonny is blogging at her Vox for Equality Alabama - sponsor her! (Grand total: $224.00!)
* boutell is blogging over at - um, YouTube, actually! He's making a movie in 24 hours, to benefit Doctors Without Borders - sponsor him!
* irana is blogging for NARSAD - The Mental Health Research Association - sponsor her!
* lordandrei is blogging for Planned Parenthood - sponsor him!
* mllelaurel is blogging for Planned Parenthood - sponsor her!
* fiddle_dragon and songwind are blogging over at dragonsfordvs, for the Dakota Valley Symphony - click here to sponsor them!
* rafaela is blogging at star_barnkitty for Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding - sponsor her! (Grand total: $343.32!)
* rhiannonstone is blogging for San Francisco Sex Information - sponsor her!
* seimaisin is blogging at Consequence Free for Angel Foundation - sponsor her! (Grand total: $803!)
* shadowwolf13 is blogging for Spiral Scouts - sponsor her!
* slipjig is blogging for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - sponsor him! (Grand total: $476.59!)
* spoothbrush is blogging for Doctors Without Borders - sponsor her!
* sylverice2 is blogging for International Myeloma Foundation - sponsor her!
* thesilentpoet is blogging for St Jude's Research Hospital - sponsor her!
* wired_lizard is blogging for The Heifer Project - sponsor her!
* yunatwilight is blogging for The AIDS Research Alliance - sponsor her!
* zarhooie is blogging at llama_go_mooo for The Heifer Project - sponsor her!
Everyone here is a crazy person.

(no subject)

* Sleep is the enemy, the thief of time/Sleep is necessary, sleep heals. I have never done well with this dichotomy.

* Just woke up from unanticipated whole-afternoon nap. Hi.

* Doing okay in terms of Getting Stuff Done. Unfortunately, Getting Stuff Done is going to require me being On and leaning on other people to get their stuff done for... the next few weeks.

* I can has new boyfriends. Yes, two. Yes, this developed nigh-simultaneously. I'm efficient.

* I love it when you tell the universe exactly what you need, and it gives it to you.

* My hands and wrists are really bad right now, so I must stop typing, else I won't be able to write the next for House Narsan and the Aerie (House Lhri'nahr).
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Calling Blogathonners to the white courtesy phone

mllelaurel, cktraveler, and zarhooie: I don't seem to have gotten e-mails re: you guys. Can you send me the links to honor the sponsorships? And you might want to poke around and make sure that the e-mails went out. This could be Gmail choking on the sheer volume of Blogathon e-mails, but... just in case.

In other news, I have honored all other sponsorships, and my hand really hurts now.
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Capri - color

Blogathon Breakdown

Flashfics: 38

I will be writing 10 more over the next few days, to make up the shortfall; yes, I stayed awake and posting for 24 hours, but my intent was also to produce 48 storybits.

Characters used/number of times: Collapse )

Julia showed up more than any other character, which is unusual for Blogathon - Capri usually bounces out during Blogathon, because it's so easy to write her, and she's a happy character. Balances out Alanna's darkness. I don't doubt I'd have more Capri had I kept up with the storybits.

Other interesting notes:
* Got a bunch of Alanna without Jeramie - also unusual.
* Got a lot of Julia/Kieran - including two bits clearly set in the future, when she's come to terms with the soulbond.