June 28th, 2007

Boondock/can't believe

Thor's Day

Hello to new reader varakesh516!

Mildly achy. I think that swimming has been helping.

Hey! Weather.com has something new - an Aches and Pains index.

Hair appointment, where we see what my hairstylist will let me get away with in re color. She has known me since I was twelve, and has been known to refuse me - "That won't look right on you." "I know you - you won't maintain chunky highlights, and they'll look bad when they're growing out. I'm doing something more subtle." So yes. I'm confident that whatever I end up with will look good and 'song-appropriate, which is why I waited to have in done here instead of picking a random stylist in Boston. The idea I'm bringing in to her is the phoenix one, not the nereid one - shades of gold and bronze and red. Not an allover change, just highlights.

catvalente's beautiful story Urchins, While Swimming is up for an award! She's currently in third place, and That's Just Wrong. Click here and vote for Urchins, While Swimming!

Thanks to your donations, mslaynie's son is now at his diabetes camp! Here. Have some pictures.

Late July. One-act plays. One starring mangosteen. I am so there. Click here for details. Who else is coming with me? :)

(There will be a zombie.)

Kingdom of Loathing
There is an Issue. Specifically, Mr. Skullhead making a crack at autistics during an interview and then acting like a shit to people who called him on it, some of whom are leaving the game in protest. Anyone have any insider info on what's going on behind the scenes at KoL?

Link Soup
* I would totally wear the quartz knuckles.

* Adam and I have conversations like this all the time.

* Oh, great. Guess what airline I'm flying on later today? Yep, Delta.

Penguins bigger than me!
Human-sized, muscular penguins with enormous beaks thrived in sunny Peru 36 million years ago, according to a paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Standing at 5 feet tall, Icadyptes salasi was preceded in Peru by yet another newly identified penguin species, Perudyptes devriesi, which lived there 42 million years ago and was about the same size (3 feet tall) as modern king penguins.

Daily Science
* Mars will be transformed into a shirt-sleeve, habitable world for humanity before century's end, made livable by thawing out the coldish climes of the red planet and altering its now carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere. How best to carry out a fast-paced, decade by decade planetary facelift of Mars - a technique called "terraforming" - has been outlined by Lowell Wood, a noted physicist and recent retiree of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and a long-time Visiting Fellow of the Hoover Institution. Lowell presented his eye-opening Mars manifesto at Flight School, held here June 20-22 at the Aspen Institute, laying out a scientific plan to "experiment on a planet we're not living on."

* This week, Britain's Academy of Medical Sciences reported (PDF) that scientists have created "thousands of examples of transgenic animals" carrying human DNA. According to the report, "the introduction of human gene sequences into mouse cells in vitro is a technique now practiced in virtually every biomedical research institution across the world."

* Scientists have identified a possible crater left by the biggest space impact in modern times - the Tunguska event. The blast levelled more than 2,000 sq km of forest near the Tunguska River in Siberia on 30 June 1908. A comet or asteroid is thought to have exploded in the Earth's atmosphere with a force equal to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs. Now, a University of Bologna team says a lake near the epicentre of the blast may be occupying a crater hollowed out by a chunk of rock that hit the ground.
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Picture(s) of the Day

This is my parents' house. I have photographed it so you can see how eerily like a model house it is. It *really* does not look like anyone actually lives there.

In sharp contrast to my house, with its walls of books and its cluttered tables.


This is what I refer to as the Parlor. This is the room no one's allowed to enter. Seriously. If there are footprints in the vacuum tracks, Mom wigs out.

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No - you like eet!

I can has highlights.

Bits of gold on top, streaks of red winding through underneath, so I can look normal for a parent-teacher conference and mildly wacky for hanging out with friends. :) The blonde is a little bit "hey! blonde!" for me, but I can always slap some red on it if I don't grow into it. Elayna loves it just the way it is. :)

As soon as my laundry's dry, I'll be packed and ready to get the hell out of here, get back to my life. (Please, gods, let the house not be a horrible mess.)

*starts her inner countdown clock*

Incidentally, is anyone available to help get Kires from the airport tomorrow at 11 AM? I will go with you, so you know who you're looking for, and also to hang out with you. (Benefit of cadging rides from people = I get to spend time with them that I otherwise wouldn't get!) E-mail me. I am not getting LJ comment notifications. *sticks tongue out at LJ*
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

(no subject)

So my plane? Is still on the ground in Boston.

So it'll be at least 3 and a half hours before I even take off.

This is why I fucking hate travelling.

EDIT: 8 PM, and my plane is *still* on the ground in Boston.

There are no open Delta flights tomorrow. There's one Saturday, but I only packed one extra day's worth of medication, not two.

Parents are going to call around and see about getting me on a different airline.

Shutting the computer down to save power. More later, I'm sure.

EDIT: 8:27, and I have scored a seat next to a power outlet. That is where my good luck runs out - it's now looking like my plane won't be taking off til 1 AM. Won't be landing til 4 fucking AM.

4. Fucking. AM.

Mom's calling around to try to get me on a different airline, on a flight for tomorrow. Because I cannot do this. My body cannot do this.

ETA#2: (This is yendi posting, btw, since 'song's at a baggage claim). 'song will be flying home tomorrow on Airtran, and thus will be able to get something resembling a normal night's sleep.
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Insert Chinese Here

So yeah.

Flying home tomorrow via AirTran. Anyone feel like picking me up around 3?


Y'know, if the pigfuckers would admit there was an issue, we wouldn't be quite as pissed off. But look. It's a three-plus hour flight to/from Boston. They should not be saying at 6 PM that the plane will be departing FLL at 8 PM when you know full well that that is contrary to all laws of physics, seeing as the plane has not yet left BOS.

Delta does not have Sekrit Tesseract Powerz.

So, y'know, just fuckin' tell us there's an issue. And don't lie to us when we ask what the issue is. And don't issue meal vouchers in apology after all of the restaurants in the terminal have closed. For fuck's sake.

Got my bag back. Got Dad a refund.

Am "home" now, watching Star Wars with Dad, pointing to pilots and saying "He's gonna die. Him too. That dude? Totally gonna die." "No watch. She's gonna say 'Luke!', and he's gonna say -" I pause to let Mark Hamill say "Carrie!", and continue: "You hear that? He said 'Carrie'."

I have interesting ways of taking out my aggression. Providing unwelcome movie commentary - just one of the services I provide.
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