June 14th, 2007

Gir - Yes! Wait - I Dunno...

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to rubberella!

Hello to new readers britpoptarts, cliodhna, puffdoggydaddy, and saro_wind!

This stuff is actually not bad. Kinda stinky, but has more of an effect than the arnica gel I've been using.

If you wrote about yesterday's zombie uprising, post the links here so everyone can see what happened in your neck of the woods!

(I just wish I'd known about it earlier in the day... I'd've done more and better!)

Link Soup!
* I think this is still my favorite XKCD comic.

* Fake food for photo shoots.

* Cool art installation - it plucks images and lines of text from the 'net and renders them, fleetingly, with thousands of jets of water.

* I just want three of these so I can ctrl-alt-del people/things in real life.

* Hey, an article on polyamory that doesn't entirely suck! Could be better. But could be a *lot* worse.

* A very good article on Strikethrough '07.

Daily Science
Malaria: The Cure for AIDS? Um, no. But there's a thought process there, and it's an interesting one.

Daily BPAL
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Hell, I'm going back to bed. The Craftsman wore me out last night...
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Picture of the Day

*snuggle* *snuggle*
She spends big chunks of the day stalking and pouncetackling him... but even Victoria wears down sometimes, and when she does, she sometimes likes to snuggle with her favorite brother, in a basket just big enough for two. P.S.: She snores.

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Elayna 2006

Brief note

Elayna has actually had a hacking cough for a few days. I didn't know about the zombie blogging event til after we got her home from the doctor, so I really did blog like it was (the beginning of) the end of my world - just incorporated zombie commentary into the actual events of my day. *nods*

She's feeling much better today, after two rounds of the inhaler. Poor pook - she hates the taste.
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Starfire/Don't mess with me

(no subject)

One week from tomorrow, I will be flying down to Florida with Miss Kid, to install her at her grandparents' house for the summer. We have to pack everything she wants and needs over the course of the next week.

One week from yesterday is the last day of school. We will be very actively jamming on Getting Shit Done right down to the wire.

I return from Florida late on the 28th. I'll be at sunspiral's party on the 30th, barring illness or injury.

Other than that? I might make it to Diesel on Tuesday (I have a late-afternoon rheumatologist appointment), but other than that, you probably won't see me til July, unless you're willing to schlep out here to hang out before I go. Clearly I need to be actively involved over here. As evidenced by the fact that we just had to pluck a comic book out of her "no really, I'm working on my report in here with the door closed and music on!" little hands.

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