May 25th, 2007


Oi, Balticon peeps!

From Spooky:

Midnight Monster Hop at Balticon THIS WEEKEND!!!

Castle Blood's Midnight Monster Hop TV show will be making an appearance at Balticon, the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Convention, this memorial day weekend.

Friday night at Midnight you'll find us in the Garden room for a panel about the show, which will mostly be a chance to watch 2 of our episode segments, each about a half hour ( no movie)

Many of the cast members will be there in costume.

Refreshments will be available and we'll have a merch table as well.

So if you're going to this great con please help support the show and stop by for a while.
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Happy birthday to the fabulous ayalanya, laurelian, and norilana!

Happy Towel Day!

I'm fine except for minor congestion and a bitch of a cough. Like, last night, by the time I got home, I couldn't speak without having a coughing fit. Don't have time to see the doctor today (unless I'm not allowed to be with theloriest in the actual MRI room,in which case I'll run upstairs and see if they can have a quick look at me).

Quote of the Day
"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment; full effort is full victory." - Mahatma Gandhi

Via strangestgirl, who has an excellent post on this.

Daily Science
It sounds crazy, but as the universe expands faster and faster, it will eventually get to a point where the cosmos seen through a telescope will look a lot smaller than today, say physicists.
That's because in a few hundred billion, or perhaps a few trillion years, all but our local group of galaxies will have moved so far away they will be lost forever.
As a result, any cosmologist of that distant time who tries to figure out the history of the universe will have no clue to the Big Bang or the existence of the vast clusters of galaxies we can see today in every direction with powerful telescopes. Not even the microwave background radiation — the subtle and surest sign of the Big Bang — will remain within reach.
"They'll still be out there," said cosmologist Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University. "But space will be expanding faster than the speed of light," and so the light from those galaxies will never reach us again.
This is possible despite the universal speed limit being that of light, Krauss said, because the galactic clusters won't actually be moving; it's the space between them that will be expanding at a rate faster than light can traverse it.

Friday memeage!
Wearing: Burgundy tank top and black shorts. And monkey socks. Off to Curves and errands, and it's *hot* out there!
Reading: Still Ink... haven't had much reading time this week.
Elayna is reading: The Secrets of Peaches.
Writing: Future-Shayara - the rift between the twins, an examination of Katy's motives, and a tentative gesture by Alice.
Friday: Exercise, shower, tidying, then it's off to meet theloriest at Harvard Square, accompany her to her MRI, get her to my home or hers, then have the Bill Cosby/vodka party. :)
Saturday: Slow day at home. ariesd & taura_g's party.
Sunday: Slow day at home. One of these two days, we'll go see Pirates, I'm sure. But things will remain fluid and not overprogrammed.
Monday: BBQ at a friend's place.

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*gold star*

I have a Curves Buck. Two, now. *clips her Curves Buck to fridge*

Why does this matter?

My local Curves gives one (1) Curves Buck for every week that you go there three (3) times. When you have a neat little pile of them, you can trade them in for t-shirts or water bottles or whatever. That's not the important part.

The important part is that my Curves Buck means that three times this week, I wrestled my schedule into submission, shoved aside the fibro fatigue, told the low-level pain to step the hell off, and I walked 1.3 miles, had my doctor-recommended low-impact resistance-training workout, and walked 1.3 miles back.

It means that I am putting my health first, even when it's hard - exercise is crucial to managing fibro, exercise and rest. I'm pushing aside all the Stuff What Needs Doing and putting self-care, taking care of this fragile gimpy body, first.

This is hard, this change in my life. Going from Superwoman to this, to wondering every morning if I'll be able to walk downstairs without pain, if I can push back fatigue enough to put away the laundry, if I'll have the arm strength to lift the coffeepot. Some days are better than others. Some days are almost normal. And it's taking care of my body, actively doing so, that makes that happen.

And I will be damned if I won't do everything I can to give myself a life.

So I have a Curves Buck. (Yes, Robyn, I can has Curves Buck!) And it shines as brightly as the gold stars I got in kindergarten. Because, small as it may seem to some - I worked for that, and it means something.
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Have been offline since noon. LJ comments aren't getting to me. E-mail me instead!

Also? I have bronchitis. *hack*
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