May 22nd, 2007

Yo I'll solve it

Tew's Day

Adam's coming down with what I've got. Poor Adam. :( Me, I'm having trouble breathing, which is always terribly annoying.

Baseball thingie
For Adam, when he makes up: a cost/benefit analysis for baseball teams</i>. Salary vs. performance.

I love the internet
From the ever-fabulous Pimp That Snack -
a Rubik's Cube cake.

From Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - an interactive LED coffee table.

Daily Science
The Ten Most Endangered Animals in the World.

No Daily BPAL today, because I am too stuffed up.

Also, I keep mistyping, so please forgive typos.
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PSA! - by Zarhooie

This weekend!

Right, then - I declare that I am staying home to rest, maybe get some stuff done around the house, accompany a friend to her MRI, and... a bit of a gathering, because that's what Shadesongs do. (Among many other things.) EDIT: Saturday Friday! Friday night. Yes.

This is a combination party, a party of many purposes!

* We will be tasting wacky flavored vodkae from Infusions of Grandeur! For science! No, seriously, the Mad Scienticians require reviews, so we'll be giving them. Hell, if I can figure out the webcam, we could liveblog this. In any case, your reactions may be photographed. Especially if you try the Peeps vodka.

* We will be watching Bill Cosby: Himself! A shocking number of you have not seen this. This must be rectified. If a sufficient number of the attendees have not seen other things I deem essential, these things may be inflicted on them.

* We will be eating good food! Our kitchen rocks. Come cook stuff in it. I'll make the infamous molasses ginger cookies, Elayna will make brownies, and healthy-yet-tasty things will be made from fresh veggies and whatnot. Let's make this a big fun dinner party.

* For the BPAL-curious - a meet-and-sniff will take place upstairs, away from sensitive noses!

Does that cover everyone/everything?


* There are three cats... we keep a clean house, but clearly, allergens will be present. Please medicate accordingly!

* To pull a note from mangosteen and lifecollage: drama will be scored and YuTubed.

* The party is childsafe and child-welcome (though not babyproofed) until 10 PM. Things that go over Elayna's head are fine. Shibari demonstrations must wait til she goes to bed. Another note: Elayna's room and Adam's office are not partyspace; please ask them before entering.

Any questions? Please RSVP below, and let us know if you're bringing a food product!
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Writing - photo

Weekend update/change!

I totally forgot that there was another local party happening on Saturday! Okay, people wanting to come to my party - would Friday or Sunday be better for you? Keep in mind that Monday's a holiday, so I can keep you out late Sunday night. ;)


And I'm sorry about the last-minute-ness. Just - sudden cavalcade of more cons than pros to my other choices, plus quem98 wanting to do the Bill Cosby/vodka thing before she leaves for Kiev on May 30...
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Starfire/Huh? Wtf?


...of a book I've not yet finished, Ink, by Hal Duncan (sequel to Vellum):

Are we sure that "Hal Duncan" isn't a pseudonym for Grant Morrison?

Because this is totally volume four of The Invisibles in here. *pokes book, hoping none of the drugs Morrison shared with Duncan leak out*

Adam: "It's not getting great reviews."
Me: "Well, it's not very good if you haven't read the previous Invisibles series."

Seamus = King Mob
Reynard = Ragged Robin
Jack = Jack
Thomas = Lord Fanny
Joey = Boy

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