May 13th, 2007

Time for some thrilling heroics.

Sunday evening linkdump

* Quote of the day, from Jonathan Carroll's blog: "When anything truly important happens in your life, wherever you happen to be, find a stick in the immediate vicinity and write the occasion and date on it. Keep these sticks together, protect them. There shouldn't be too many; sort through them every few years and separate the events that remain genuinely important from those that once were but are no longer. You know the difference.Throw the rest out. When you are very old, very sick, or sure there's not much time left to live, put them together and burn them. The marriage of sticks."

* In case you were wondering if asim was still drop-dead gorgeous - he is. *fans self*

* From mental_floss, via Neatorama: How to become a superhero through science.

* Also via Neatorama: world's largest Tesla coils.

* For riba_rambles, and for all of the litgeeks out there: The D20 Works of Shakespeare.

* I want this map of Boston's neighborhoods! And a pony.

* I don't know about you, but this plate would drive me crazy.

* Okay, another quote, this from Anne Morrow Lindbergh: "By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class."

* How to make a Han-Solo-in-carbonite chocolate bar.

* If Rube Goldberg had been a pyromaniac...
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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

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Have spent this afternoon and evening doing crap that I absolutely and utterly Did Not want to do, dealing with things I Did Not want to deal with - more forms for my health insurance company, crap to be filled out and faxed wherever - and let me say that since the RSI last February, I just can't write in longhand anymore. Not more than a few sentences. It becomes painful, then impossible, my formerly-tidy writing degenerating into an illegible scrawl. It frustrates me deeply.

I did a lot of writing in longhand today.

But. I did it so it would be done, that and restructuring stuff in my dresser so I could get to stuff I actually need and use. Clearing out the old bras in particular was not fun. I brandished the gallon-sized Ziplocs of bras in old sizes at Elayna - "Imagine each of these as twenty to forty dollars. Now see why I hate it when my bra size changes?" Not getting rid of them this time, oh no. Lords willin' and the crick don't rise, I'll never have the sort of catastrophic weight plummet that I had when I first got on anti-seizure meds, but I'm not ruling out shifts in band and/or cup size as I continue my exercise regimen.


So. Yes. Digging through medical receipts frustrated me near to tears, but I found what I needed to find, and that's done now. Ditto the summer camp paperwork and any number of other things. Sense of accomplishment achieved. Well, a little bit. My office is still a mess, but at least the things that most desperately needed attending to are no longer buried, and many of them have now been attended to. I'd planned to start the serious office-cleaning tomorrow, but forgot I had a focus group from 11 to 1 - I'll be hitting the mall immediately after that, since I'll be right across the street (missions: exchange Elayna's bathing suits (too small), my jeans (too ill-fitting), the one bra that still had a price tag on it (too small)), and I have to stop at the post office on the way home (BPAL swaps/sales, merch returns, care packages to Spooky and to Elayna's Package Pixie, certified letter to assholic ex-landlady (take two)). And the locksmith, and the bank, and the library. And must be home by 2:30 so Elayna doesn't try to pick the new lock. And... that will very likely kill my energy level. I might get stuff done after my nap, but I just don't tend to be as productive when there are other people here. Such is life.

I get ice cream now. I deserve it.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

It's not all brainmelty.

Adam and Elayna gave me a gift certificate for a massage. Hinting works! And Elayna made me a bookmark.

Spooky sent me an e-card. :)

We had breakfast at The Spot - chocolate chip pancakes and home fries!

And, post-ice-cream, Adam and I are watching the Vosges episode of Sugar Rush. I am making little whimpery sounds. (I didn't get any Vosges this year, but I needed the massage desperately, so. Is okay.)

Unrelated to Mother's Day - except in that it deals with the mother of Tessa, Alanna, Katrianna, and Julia - I have much 30someodd-years-before-our-story-begins stuff bubbling in my brain. And I like it when the writerbrain's going, even when I don't have time to write stuff down. It's enough to know that it's there and accessible.
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