April 30th, 2007

Vertebra - thoracic


Feeling good! I got up with Adam and Elayna instead of lolling around in bed, walked to school/the bus stop with them, and went to the library, CVS (picked up Mother's Day gifts/cards!), and went to Curves. (Yeah, I know, Curves, but it's a low-impact workout suited to fibro. The manager of the place has fibro, actually, and she gave me her disability lawyer's info and her rheumatologist's info. Definitely a productive morning!

You must gain 4 Mysticality to advance to level 26.

What's truly crazy is that I want to do this again, as a Seal Clubber. I'm a weird kid.

Daily Science
The mice of Gough Island have turned carnivorous and are threatening the existence of the Tristan albatross, which is three hundred times their weight...While the albatrosses know how to defend themselves against larger predators, they aren’t "programmed" to deal with mice."

Daily BPAL
Well, the new update is half up. I already knew I didn't want Rose Moon. Blue Moon sounds lovely, but at almost $30, I'm not buying it unless I have PayPal balance. Tamamo-no-Mae is tempting. And I need to make a decision, unsniffed, on the Dogs Playing Poker series and the Monster Baits. Buy stuff from me, please! It all smells lovely. Just not on my skin. Or it smells lovely on my skin, but I never reach for it. Beltane '06, Ostara, Oborot, Snake Charmer, y0.

I have a busy day, so I won't be on much. Pretty much like all last week. *sends hugs*
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Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

Boston Babydolls

If you're planning to go to the women-only Boston Babydolls show on May 15, buy your tickets now - they say they sold out last time they were at that venue!

Click here!

EDIT: Breaking news - the fabulous ayalanya will not be dancing at that show. :( But she will be dancing at these, on the 11th and 12th. I may go to the one on the 11th, with aussie_nyc.
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Life with 'song, Adam, and dicotomygrrl

'song: *comes downstairs wearing an Empire-waist brown dress with cute buttoned short sleeves and abstract sketchy white flowers*
dicotomygrrl: "Look at you! You're a little hipster girl!"
'song: *blinks owlishly*
dicotomygrrl: "You are! The glasses, the dress..." to Adam: "You're married to Lisa Loeb!"


Regarding ice cream:
'song: "We have, um, Cookies-and-Cream, and Abomination."
Adam: "No, honey, we're out of Abomination."
dicotomygrrl: "What's Abomination?"
'song: "Tastykake."
dicotomygrrl: "Oh. That is an abomination."
'song: "I'm sayin'."