April 25th, 2007

The Orchard

Odin's Day

Way overdid yesterday, and planning on spending today recuperating.

I feel out of sorts when I don't get to go, and then I overcompensate by cramming the week full of activity, lunches and coffees with people I'd ordinarily have connected with at Diesel. Far better for me to go to Diesel and then be more relaxed about planning one-on-one time.

I am looking at the schedule I'd planned for myself this week, and I am saying fuck that shit. *collapses* It would be different if the Science Festival wasn't happening the week after Elayna's spring break. But I overextended myself last week, and I have yet to recover.

Freewill Astrology
Rob Brezsny says: Summing up his ongoing attempts to understand the truth about reality, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll wrote, "I am grasping one hair at the end of the tail of a very large tiger, whose exact nature and intentions are not known to me, nor will they ever be. I can only hope to describe a few things about the hair. And I could be wrong." While this is in general an apt description of the quest most of us are on, I think it's overly modest in light of your current astrological omens. For the foreseeable future, Pisces, I bet you'll have the tiger's entire tail in your clutches, and your ability to extrapolate from it to surmise the nature of the whole tiger will be extraordinary.

Balance Card
haikujaguar says: Mmm. You get a Priest: time to cloister yourself and stop going out and doing the Worldly Thing so much... and a Phoenix. Violent rebirth again! Ow! :)

So in essence: once again, you have to remake yourself. But this time, as someone who isn't DOING quite so much, and who is BEING a little more. If that makes sense?

I rejected that last part when Micah first said it, because hey, Science Festival! So much to get out and do! But my body is saying "No, seriously. Sit down."

I'm taking the next week and a half off from this pace. (Decision arrived at while typing this entry!) I will keep prior commitments - DNA thing tonight, lunch with methanopyrus tomorrow, maybe CSI Cambridge tomorrow... the Sheep Shearing festival, because it's close enough that I can drive and get myself home if my body starts to crash. Diesel Tuesday. Date with the Craftsman on Wednesday.

That's it. And that may look like a lot, but you should've seen my schedule before I scrapped it!

I am not *always* available just because I don't work a day job. I need to make a schedule, a framework for myself, and stick to it. I need time for exercise, because my fibro will be worse if I don't get it. I need time to write, because I'll go crazy if I don't write. I have worlds in my brain. They need out! I need time to read, and time to nap, and time to make things.

So. For the rest of this week, I am on semi-vacation; next week, I am on vacation. Sorting the pieces of what I need to do to take care of myself, and making them fit.
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Micro-mini review of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette:

The costume geek in me was all "Ooh, shiny!"
The history geek in me wanted to throw things at the screen. And at Sofia Coppola.
The movie lover in me was impatient, annoyed, and disgusted.

All in all, I want that three hours of my life back. (No, the movie wasn't that long, but the kids kept interrupting me.)
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