April 13th, 2007



Happy birthday to lbitw!

Happy early birthday to ariesd, who advances a year over the weekend!

Concertgoing is Different post-fibro. I used to bounce all through the show. I did not bounce once last night - it would've hurt too much. :( Clapping is also difficult for the body - strains the chest, arms, shoulders, upper back. Dancing perturbs the legs. *sigh* So I got home barely able to move. I'm still achy today, so I'm taking it easy.

Daily Science
Evidence of water has been detected for the first time in a planet outside our solar system, an astronomer said on Tuesday, a tantalizing find for scientists eager to know whether life exists beyond Earth.

Daily BPAL
I've barely started going through my stuff, but I *have* added a bunch of bottles to my swap/sale page. Includes rarities! I'm trying to decide if I'm keeping my bottle of Snake Charmer.

Anyway, you guys can go shopping before I post this on the boards.

As for the update: That's a reformulation of 13, isn't it? I might want it. And I'm interested in Bad-Luck Woman. The other one has rose.

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Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Pajamas. :)

Reading: Fugitives of Chaos, by John C. Wright; Every Contact Leaves a Trace, by Connie Fletcher; Marie Antoinette: The Journey, by Antonia Fraser.

Elayna is Reading: Magic or Madness, by Justine Larbalestier.

Writing: A bit that takes place years in Shayara's future.... the Julia bit I posted the other day was part of it. And yes, haikujaguar, the Telenias is part of it. :)

Friday: Reiki from oneagain this afternoon, and my date tonight. :) And when I return from my date, avivasedai will have arrived for the weekend!
Saturday: Elayna's soccer game
Sunday: Hot tubbing
Somewhere in that Saturday and Sunday: Fire and Ice for lunch or dinner, and Zaftig's for breakfast or lunch. *nods*

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I hereby declare the second and third stories of this house to be the sovereign nation of Gojirawitziev! (The landlords live on the first floor. Gojirawitziev is not an expansionist country. Plus, the treasury's currently too depleted from buying comic books to buy our own castle.)

Gojirawitziev is a no-smoking country; offenders will be defenestrated. In fact, defenestration is the official form of execution in Gojirawitziev. Other crimes that bear this penalty include not returning borrowed books promptly and talking to Adam while he's trying to watch TV.

The rulers of Gojirawitziev are King Adam the Snarky and Queen Shadesong the Diminutive. The heir to the throne is Crown Princess Elayna the Almost-Teenaged. (Note: Half of the third floor of Gojirawitziev is a protectorate of Crown Princess Elayna, and will require a separate visa.)

Chief imports of Gojirawitziev include coffee and chocolate; chief exports? Lots and lots of text.

Gojirawitziev is known for its excess of books and DVDs; it is a geek fairyland, described by theferrett as a "nerd castle". Inhabitants spend their recreational time reading, writing, drawing, playing "Apples to Apples" or "Chrononauts", and deconstructing pop culture.

You may apply for a visa to visit Gojirawitziev below. Please indicate whether your purpose is business or pleasure. In addition, Queen Shadesong is interviewing applicants for her royal cabinet; you may apply in comments, being certain to state what position you feel best suited for.
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Dib - delicious

Quick review

Sorry to do another BPAL post today - but Milk Moon and Minotaur just arrived, and there may be people looking for reviews to decide if they're going to buy them, and they come down on Sunday. So.

Milk Moon: A fertile scent, generous, life-affirming, and swelling with a sense of triumph, warmth, and abundance: sweet milk, golden honey, fig fruit, pomegranate, dates, and white grape.

In bottle: Sweet and fruity, but not too much of either.

On me: Mmmm! Things interact in unexpected ways. It becomes a darker scent than I'd thought it would be. Dates! There are dates! Not smelling the grape (good!) or the pomegranate (unexpected!). This is sweet fig and date. This is so yummy. Oh, and *there's* the milk note - but it's not cold milk, it's a warm creaminess. This is yummy!

MINOTAUR The Bull of Minos, guardian of the Labyrinth in Knossos. A deep, swarthy black musk dusted by a dark, resinous blend of sacred bisabol myrrh, atramentous benzoin, tsori, balsam, and galbanum.

In bottle: Myrrh + galbanum = 'song in a puddle.

On me: Oh, this is good. Oh *man*. This is the very heart of the Labyrinth; this is who the Minotaur is when he's at home. Dark and resinous and lush. Nestlike. *gibbers* If you like resinous scents, get this before it goes away. This is a cousin of Schwarzer Mond.

Afternoon miscellany

* Gah I cannot find my favorite earrings. They're around here *somewhere*, I know, but I wanted to wear them tonight! Ah, well. He won't care what earrings I'm wearing. :)

* Have gotten a lot of cleaning done; my desk is now actually usable and thus much less frustrating.

* Had to kill a yellowjacket. It was hiding in Elayna's wooden flute. The kids picked it up, and yow. It flew to the window, resting on Elayna's porcelain Anne of Green Gables doll.

Elayna: "Kill it kill it!"
Me, outwardly calm, shoe in hand: "I'm not going to break Anne of Green Gables. I am waiting for it to move."
Elayna's Friend: "I'm allergic - a wasp stung me once and I got cellulitis in my foot!"
Elayna: "Omigod Mommy kill it!"
Me, still outwardly calm: "Okay. What we are going to do is concentrate on making the wasp leave Anne of Green Gables and walk up the glass."
Elayna's friend: "I am so scared -"
Me: "Talk to Zeus. Ask Zeus to get this thing to where I can kill it."
We are very quiet and very still.
The wasp/yellowjacket/whatever leaves Anne of Green Gables and slowly ambles up this glass.
I swing. I nail the little bastard. I flush its twitching body down the toilet.
I collapse against the wall, shaky.
I hate being the only grownup home sometimes...

* In very good spirits, though. As I told my buddy Fat Mike, "Concert last night + actually feeling okay today, considering + hanging out with oneagain in an hour + date tonight + got my BPAL order = happy 'song. :) " Plus, avivasedai this weekend! Elayna's so excited to see avivasedai - she brought her flute home to play for her. :)

And now I go get reiki!
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