April 9th, 2007

Sell You All for Experiments


Happy birthday to cloakofwinter!

Hello to new reader letoile82!

Rough weekend. Pain + nausea. This week will be better. Going to ease off on my activity level this week, especially since I'm going off the Cymbalta, and I hear that that sucks. Crazymeds.org links to this, which makes me none too pleased.

Neuro appointment tomorrow.

The dolls of American Doll Posse:

Brust auction!
For an early draft of Dragon!

Daily Science
10 horrible deep sea creatures.
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BPAL folks - where do you get that plumber's-tape stuff to seal up imps in transit? I'm all out. (Got it as a swap freebie, initially, is why I don't know.)

Writing Prompts

In the interest of getting all these slips of paper out of my fruit bowl so I can actually put fruit in it, here are the rest of the writing marathon prompts!

The library of books people thought better of writing
I never did it before...
Country roads
At the library
A treasure map on the wings of a butterfly
I looked in the mirror, and wished I hadn't.
Real friends help you...
Justifiable sins

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Evening miscellany

* No nap today. Feeling a bit frazzled.

* Went to the mall next to the park Elayna's soccer practice was at. Victoria's Secret first. got measured. 32D.


They don't even have that size in stores. I have to special-order. AUGH. Someone must die for this offense.

* On the bright side, Lady Foot Locker's big huge sale meant that I got these for walking + these for fun - the latter at a mere $15.

* Adam's birthday dinner #1 tonight, at Not Your Average Joe's; he had a chicken-and-scallops concoction that I'll let him describe, and I had steak au poivre with mashed potatoes and asparagus. :)

* Today's "fibro sucks" moment - I could only cut half of my steak before my hands started to get gimpy. Adam offered to cut the rest of my steak for me, but I just took it home to be tomorrow's lunch so I could save room for dessert (peanut butter thing).

* Today's interesting parenting moment: Elayna discussing the sex and drug awareness survey she was given in homeroom today. Very loudly. At dinner. "I'm not a lesbian, but I think boys are pretty gross, and they had bisexual, but I don't know. So I left that one blank." Yes, child, it's okay not to know. And it's okay to discuss this sort of thing. But a few decibels lower, maybe, so you're not the focus of the entire room when doing so?

* I would say we're too addicted to our local library, except that there's no such thing. Still. We brought home as many books as we could carry. Literally. Which wouldn't be so much of a problem, save that so many of them are 14-day books...

* Right then. Cup of tea + good book + me lying down because my eyeballs hurt again. Must ask the neuro for painkiller recs tomorrow.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Correcting a misreading

No, no, Elayna isn't a 32D. I am.

She's totally proportional. She's happy in sports bras for now.

I really need to post recent pics of us. She's up to the bridge of my nose now, this lithe almost-teenager, slim and athletic. And our glasses almost match.

Now I sleep.