March 26th, 2007



Blech. Went to bed last night feeling sick to my stomach, and woke up much the same. Will be home-based today. Pain and stiffness levels tolerable, though.

Daily Science
That dogs descended from wolves is commonly accepted. So is the theory that this evolution took about 14,000 years.

Or did it? Crockford suggests the metamorphosis could have taken place over the span of a single human life -- between 20 and 40 years.

Daily BPAL
Collapse ) I go lie down.
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Elayna & Mommy laughing

Overheard in my living room

Elayna's newest friend: "Omigod, your mom is awesome!"
Elayna: "Yeah. She's the best!"

'song: *melt*

Elayna's friend digs comics, books, cartoons, and penguins. She can stay. :)
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When I first had Elayna, I wondered if I'd be the mom the kids wanted to hang with. The mom who had the neighborhood kids in her kitchen every day.

That didn't happen in Florida. It didn't happen in Georgia. And I kind of forgot that I ever wondered that.... it just didn't seem to happen in this day and age.

Took me a while to realize it, but - it's happening here. :) More often than not these days, Elayna brings a friend or two home from school - I have kids doing their homework together at my kitchen table, kids watching anime, kids drawing - always kids drawing and writing - she's fallen in with a really creative crowd.

I'm the mom I thought maybe I'd like to be. In more ways than just this, and most of those deliberate! But... without trying, I'm the fun geeky mom that the kids like.

I like it.

I should totally bake cookies next time. :)

And this is, of course, fantastic for Elayna - she never really had a social circle in Atlanta, not like she has here. What she's developing here is wonderful. :)
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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

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My husband rocks. :)

He's been my best friend for nearly a dozen years now, and I get warm fuzzies whenever I look at him - I still squee a bit inside that I get to be Adam's wife. :)

No reason. He didn't do anything in particular tonight. Just - I looked over at him and beamed, and happened to still have my laptop open, so you get to see me being all schmoopy.

This man is a catch. *grins*
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That is me as a clouded-leopard kitsune, by the amazingly gifted haikujaguar.:) In her words: "Six tails: Shayara, Walking on Water, Elayna, Adam, Boston and the Fibro/Hippocampus body problems...Oh! And the seashell on the belly chain. Because you are the Sea's Daughter. :)"

I am all misty now. *hugs Micah*