March 25th, 2007

We've done the impossible...

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I got all my filing done!

*throws metal horns*

I rule.

*rubs hands together* Okay. What next?

The goal this week: Getting Caught Up. This includes e-mail as well as household stuff, so expect replies to longago LJ comments. Heh.

Have already gotten caught up on filing, craft and coat closet reorgs, BPAL swap/sale mailing...

I'm utterly exhausted, and will be til I'm All Caught Up, and a little bit after.
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No - you like eet!


Quoting amberfox: "The Discovery Channel is starting its new 11-part mini-series "Planet Earth" tonight. It will run Sunday nights from March 25 to April 22; 3 episodes tonight, and 2 episodes each of the next 4 Sundays."

I am so there. (Actually, I am so there tomorrow. I *heart* TiVo.)
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