March 24th, 2007



Today =

* potato pancakes, noodle kugel, granola pancakes with date butter, and chocolate french toast at Zaftigs
* browsing at Barnes & Noble
* Feeldoe and Rock Chick at Good Vibrations

+ in the mail

* my art supplies!
* My Inquisition Black Phoenix Trading Post order - red skeletal librarian shirt, Agony tee + Ecstasy of Passion oil + the bath bombs +, since I'd had to wait so long, a frottle (free bottle) of Agony of Loss!
* My BPAL order - Aries and Ostara
* Swap - a bottle of Snake Charmer!
* A pile of magazines.

I've showered, and proceeded to overextend myself my packing the contents of the "gift closet" into a big Rubbermaid bin. I need rest before I wedge that into my office closet and reorganize craft stuff (my idea - use all of the Tupperware we were storing in said Rubbermaid bin), because my arms and shoulders are owie.

But dude, seriously, great day, and great last-night. Which I desperately needed.

I'm going to go paw over the new artythingies like a dragon with her hoard.

...yarr. :)

(Note: My new goal is to only buy from BPAL what I can afford through the sale of BPAL. Sensemaking? So yes. Last big sale gave me enough for three Lupercalia bottles. :)
Also: Have boys buy for me the toys they want me to use on them. Moneysaving + sex!)
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Ow ow freakin' ow

When will I learn to stop pushing myself beyond my physical limits?

Not today, clearly.

But hey. My craft closet is looking great, and is finally organized; now I know where to look for a glue stick or black velvet ribbon or pliers or glitter. Not that I'm up to using them right now, because ow. But. This week = paying-writing-work and making shiny things to sell. That and chasing down money I'm owed, and culling the BPAL hoard.

Yep. Next week is about monies, apparently.
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