March 22nd, 2007

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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to the fantabulous yunatwilight, and to mouseferatu!

The usual deep muscle ache in my legs... and my arms are a bit owie. Possibly overextended a bit yesterday.

Tried the new yoga place yesterday - Prana Power Yoga in Newton. Fantastic. I came away with such great energy, every muscle in my body vibrating like a tuning fork - but in a good way! I think I really do need to be doing yoga in a class like this more than at home in front of the TV. At home, I'm too concerned with watching the TV so I can feel assured that I'm doing things right; in a class, I can correct with quick glances and concentrate more on my body, knowing that the instructor will come by and help me if I'm doing something wrong. $120 buys me 10 classes. Need to log some work hours. *nod*

Today's given over to work and to reading (the library books threaten to drown me!) until Elayna's eye appointment at 4. Tonight at 7, Anne Lamott is speaking at the Masonic Temple on 1950 Mass. Ave in Cambridge. Anyone want to go with me?

No, not the cat. Tori Amos. New album due May 1. American Doll Posse. Official news here... lyrics leak here. Looks... interesting. But with Tori, you neever can tell til you actually hear the music. I've heard "Bouncing off Clouds" and "Big Wheel", and like them...

Daily Science
US researchers have created genetically-modified mosquitoes resistant to a malaria parasite, raising the possibility of one day stopping the spread of the disease, a new study says.

Daily BPAL Droplettes
These are from Blooddrop Clothing and Fineries, which is mostly a corset shop (I covet the Anne de Melun), but has branched out into scent. Also, here's one from Woobie Bath.

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