March 20th, 2007

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Tew's Day

Meh. The usual. Only 4 hours of sleep, which = teh suXX0r.

Today's Special
Writing day, with bursts of physical activity (errands, yoga, etc.) so I don't stiffen too much or hurt my arms unduly. I will be at Diesel, Elayna in tow!

Your Daily Chance to Do Good
Via s00j, whose hometown was devastated by tornadoes recently:

"Here are a couple of links that are useful for those of you who've wanted to help with tornado relief in my hometown since the storm knocked a good chunk of it out late last month. The first one is very non-committal. All you have to do is add a comment. This is a project that I hope will be chosen to help rebuild the ball park. Granted, I had very little fun as a softball player there when I was younger, but a lot of kids really plan their summers around it. Click here. The second link leads to the Delta Area Community foundation. They are taking contributions for disaster relief, since our President in his *cough* infinite wisdom declared us a non-disaster. Thanks so much.
Contribute to Dumas Disaster Relief Effort by clicking here for more info."

Weird Al!
Is coming to Boston after all! Aug 11, Beverly, MA (North Shore Music Theatre). We are so there.

New community alert
luvsecret, based on the PostSecret concept; more info here. :)

Daily Science
Scattered throughout the human genome are thousands of mutations that biologists have treated mostly as footnotes. They're hardly few in number—in coding regions of the genome, there are as many as 15,000—but biologists regard them as mutations that simply don't change the way a cell functions. Both in name and effect, they have been accepted as "silent." Now, however, new discoveries are showing that silent mutations appear to play an important role in dozens of human genetic diseases, a fact that is forcing biologists to discard a long-held evolutionary theory and to reexamine the very rules governing the transfer of information from DNA to proteins.

We live in an incredibly exciting time, in that we've realized how much there is left to learn, and we have or are developing the tools to learn it...

Daily BPAL + Arcana
All of my swaps are either packed or packed-and-mailed. Phew!

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This is how dorky I am - I'm writing an encyclopedia, and loving it. *laugh*

Later today, I'll be opening this workspace to the public, as it were - it's not publicly editable, but I welcome suggestions. And you can see the program I've been playing with, on this and other projects.

For now - more content!
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