March 17th, 2007



They're going to be okay.

Mom has bruised and possibly broken ribs. Dad seems to be structurally intact. Just - in a lot of pain. Do not underestimate the impact of airbags and seatbelts and backs of seats and all that at 40mph. They have painkillers, and my sister's looking after them as they deal with police reports and insurance and everything.

They'd just done their Passover grocery shopping. The whole Lexus dealership probably reeks of gefilte fish now, from all the stuff in the trunk...

Me, I'm weary and in considerable pain; I couldn't sleep til I knew Dad was okay, and that was ~3, 3:30 AM. And fibro responds to intense stress almost like a living thing, a snake of crystalline pain striking up my neck, down my back, across my shoulders. So. I'm taking it easy today myself.

Thank you for your e-mails of support and offers of company... today's a day to spend curled up in Adam's arms, though.

...I was so scared. Had they not been wearing their seatbelts, they'd be dead, flung through the windshield. Had Dad's reflexes been slightly slower, they'd've drowned in the canal. They came thisclose to the canal. A matter of feet.

I didn't cry til I knew they were okay.

I am not ready for life without them. Mom drives me crazy, yeah, but that's life. Dad... I can't imagine life without Dad.

Called off today's plans (with major apologies - I just Could Not handle things). Cocooning with my family.
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