March 16th, 2007



Happy birthday to docwebster and emerald_ibis!

Happy early birthday to mermaidnchains and phinnia, who advance a year over the weekend!

Regarding the epilepsy/medication stuff: I'm not All Better. I am better, certainly. But I'm still not at pre-diagnosis levels of cope/memory/capability, and I still don't know how much of that is meds and how much is brain damage. And a lot of things are better now, but the thing that's worse is that people don't tend to realize that I'm not all better because I seem asymptomatic, comparatively - I'm no longer five pounds away from a feeding tube, I can walk a straight line, I can remember your last name most of the time. So I don't get the automatic slack-giving. I get the heavy workload. And I still can't manage the heavy workload. My brain is better at keeping things organized. But it's not All Better. (And maybe I'm going through stages of grieving about that all over again, now that I know it wasn't just the Trileptal.)

Does that make sense? I just woke up.

Painwise, mild to moderate. The big thing is my *feet* - I think the muscles tighten and stiffen whenever I'm off 'em for too long. I'm doing a lot of hobbling. Shoulders aren't happy, either; I've found myself hunching, tightening them, and I need to be more aware of my body posture so I can consciously relax and stretch.

EDIT: Pain more on the moderate side now. Any day when I'm wearing Bartholomoose by 9:30 is not so good a day.

Veronica Mars
Might be cancelled. Might not. Might be reformatted. Read here!

Daily Science
Stalk-eyed flies like whoa.

Daily BPAL Arcana
I'll be mailing swaps/sales today. *nod* And I'm out of BPAL imps again; fortunately, my Arcana Soaps decant circle came in yesterday!

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Friday memeage!
Wearing: Victoria's secret nightie, still.
Reading: Fast Forward: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge, edited by Lou Anders, downstairs; Best New Fantasy, edited by Sean Wallace, downstairs. The latter has stories by eugie, nihilistic_kid, and catvalente, which pleases me greatly. :)
Elayna is Reading: Dovey Coe, by Frances O'Roark Dowell... it seems a little below her level, but she has to read it for school. The Reading World Cup. (Which also includes books like the just-finished-by-Elayna The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen.) In her off time, she's devouring the recently-discovered Azumanga Daioh, and burning through the works of William Sleator.
Planning: Errands on foot today. Lecture at the Museum of Science tonight. Larp tomorrow. Rest on Sunday.

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Quiet - PhotoGnome


He is every inch his mama's cat. He follows me up and down the stairs, curls up in the hollow of my belly when I watch TV, stretches out alongside when when I read, curls up on my lap when I type in my office. He's especially glued to my side when I'm not feeling well. I don't know how he knows, what tells him. But he presses his warm rumbly self against me, and I bury my cold hands in his thick soft musky fur, and I know it will be okay.

He is curled up next to me on the sofa as I type this. He just reached out his front paw and placed it on my leg, his gaze flickering up to me. It's something I do, too - like Piglet to Pooh. "I just wanted to be sure of you."

I don't know if he got it from me, or I got it from him.
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

I don't wonder where I get it from.

My birthmother is such a wiseass.

She gave me a hot flash survival kit for my birthday. :P

(This pleases me, truly. :) Especially the pillbox - I needed one big enough to carry more than an evening's dose of my meds. Travel pillbox!)

She also gave me a pretty silver barrette and a bracelet made of bright wacky pottery shards. And Target giftcards for the whole family. Yay late birthday gifts!
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Let's Experiment

Friday Night Science

In lieu of the lecture I was going to attend this evening (I am not walking around in this), and in order to clean out the proliferation of tabs in my browser, I present you with a special Friday Night Science in honor of said lecture topic: evolution.

* The science of human evolution is undergoing its own revolution. Although we tend to see the march of species down through time as a single-file parade, with descendant succeeding ancestor in a neat line, the emerging science shows that the story of our species is far more complicated than Biblical literalists would have it—but also more complex than secular science suspected. By analyzing the DNA of today's humans as well as chimps and other species (even lice), scientists are zeroing in on turning points in evolution, such as when and how language and speech developed, and when our ancestors left Africa. DNA can even reveal how many pilgrims made that trek. At the new Hall of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, DNA gets equal billing with fossils. And by comparing the impressions that brains left on the inside of skulls, "paleoneurology" is documenting when structures that power the human mind arose, shedding light on how our ancestors lived and thought. Whether or not you believe the hand of God was guiding these changes, the discoveries are overturning longstanding ideas about how we became human.

* The latest Nature reveals a new primitive mammal fossil collected in the Mesozoic strata of the Yan mountains of China. It's small and unprepossessing, but it has at least two noteworthy novelties, and first among them is that it represents another step in the transition from the reptilian to the mammalian jaw and ear.

* Scientists have identified a leopard found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra as a new species of great cat. It's been named the Bornean clouded leopard or Neofelis Diardi. Genetic and skin tests on the creature show it's almost as different from clouded leopards found on the Asian mainland as lions are from tigers.

Science = cool.

And poo on not being able to get to the lecture; I was going to see what I could get from it for Shayara. Yes, it's fantasy, but it's urban fantasy; writing something set in the same world as New York and Boston has me wanting to keep as many elements of it feeling authentic as I can. That means that I need to know what the evolutionary process between Dasaroi and humans was, and what's the same and what's different, physiologically; I want there to be sense-making reasons for why things are, as much as possible. Even if J. Random Reader never cares. I care.

...yeah, I'm a geek.

And I really, really need more information on mitochondrial DNA, because how can I not take advantage of something that weird and unexplained in the human body?
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Tiala - xana art


99% of the time, I'm glad I no longer live in South Florida.

This is the other 1%.

Because when my parents have just been in a head-on collision, I should be zooming to the hospital, not sitting here, helplessly waiting for my sister to call.

*buries head in hands*

It was my sister who called me. I called Dad. "Are you okay?"

"We're really busy here right now, I have to call you back..."

"But Dad, are you guys okay?"

"They're examining us right now. I'll call you back."


That is not reassuring. I understand that something like this fries your brain and you can't impart information well. But all this tells me is that Dad's not dead. It tells me jack shit about Mom, or about Dad's general condition other than not-dead.

Heard from my sister again; Dad seems shaken up but all right (as far as she can tell over the phone - she's not there yet). Mom's chest hurts "real bad". They're going to the hospital. My sister wants to know if she should tell my grandma. I voted for not until we have more information.

I just tucked Elayna in. Didn't tell her. Will tell her in the morning. When we have more information. She inherited a vivid imagination from me; I don't want her up all night imagining the worst. Like I will be.

I just - I have *no* idea what happened or if Mom's going to be okay (for that matter, if Dad is - from him I get my ability to hyperfunction in crisis and my ability to not let on that I'm in pain). And I should be there, informed and helping.

I have never wanted a teleporter quite as much as I do right now.

Comments off because I do not want cyberhugs, and there's nothing conversation will accomplish tonight. I'll update as I know stuff.

EDIT: 11:30: They're both in chest pain and having difficulty breathing, but no one's bisected or anything, so things could be worse. *sigh* They've been waiting for X-rays for about half an hour. Mom's in more pain and Dad's more shaken up, per my sister. I plan to remain awake til I know more.

What's getting pieced together: They were driving home, some asshole was tailgating, Dad tapped on the brakes as a get-off-my-ass warning... it gets confused from there. I think what happened was that the guy tried to pass Dad and somehow misgauged, but I don't see how that could result in a head-on collision, as was first described. I think they don't remember what happened, just lights and screams.

EDIT: 12:50: Mom's back from X-Ray. Her lungs are intact - go team us! Likely a badly bruised or hairline-fractured rib. She's being discharged with pain meds and muscle relaxants and should go to an orthopedist in a few days. Dad's waiting for a CT scan.

EDIT: 1:30: Talked to Mom. Dad's *still* waiting for his CT. Revised story: They were driving one way, and two other cars were driving the other way, one of which was a cop car. Cop tried to pass the other guy, but clipped him, sending him into my parents' lane, bang, zoom. Mom was sure they were going into the canal, has no idea how Dad stopped the car in time. She says Dad's in worse pain than she is, and thinks it's due to steering wheel impact. She was coughing a lot while she was talking to me, which must hurt like crazy. :( Her car = totalled.

EDIT: 2:30: Dad had his CT scan, and everything looks normal. He's just in a lot of pain. :( He made me promise to go to bed. I'll try. I've been stress-cleaning. The house looks great. *wry smile*

I will take a bath with the BPAL TKO bath bomb I've been saving and try to get some rest.
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