March 15th, 2007

Elayna & Mommy laughing

Ides of March

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world, Elayna Jade. :)

My medical adhesive allergy has worsened. From just itchy welts, it's now progressed to crazyitchy plus numbness of the affected finger and its two closest neighbors and difficulty breathing, within 10-15 minutes of application of bandaid. Not fun. I *really* need to investigate alternatives.

826 is opening a Boston branch this fall! 826 Boston is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Our services are structured around the understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. With this in mind we will provide drop-in tutoring, field trips, after-school workshops, in-schools tutoring, help for English language learners, and assistance with student publications. All of our free programs will seek to strengthen each student’s power to express ideas effectively, creatively, confidently, and in his or her individual voice.

Elayna is so there.

Buy Beautiful Things!
Have you been thinking about acquiring a piece of Alanya's gorgeous jewelry? Snap some up on eBay! Hurry - two pieces have already sold via Buy It Now. :) Besides necklaces, there's a lovely smudging feather and a breathtaking twisted-silver-and-hematite mask. (And if you see's not *quite* what you wanted - she does custom work. I *really* need to post pics of my necklace!)

Daily Science
Saturn's moon Titan appears to have large seas filled with liquid gas, according to data collected by the Cassini space probe, scientists said Tuesday.

Daily BPAL
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Elayna 2006

Happy Birthday!

This is the "Happy Birthday, Elayna!" post!

She has an LJ - nanofishie - but rarely uses it, so she won't see scattered Happy Birthday posts. This is the place to comment if you want to say hi. :)
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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

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Watching horror movies with Adam = less fun these days, because he keeps pausing them to take notes for his reviews. :P

Tonight's film = Cut, starring Molly Ringwald and some cute Australian chicks and some other people I don't care about.


(Elayna's babysitting. Yes, given the choice of anything to do tonight, she chose babysitting. She's a co-babysitter with a friend who has actually babysat before.)

*eyes Adam across the couch*
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