March 14th, 2007


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to chown_me!

Pain and fatigue levels mild. I'm not sleeping well - clearly haven't adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.

Gone daddy gone. And now I can relax. *sigh* I spent almost all day yesterday on my feet...

Yoga, errands, hot bath, reading, writing, cleaning.

Daily Science
UK scientists have identified a way of using light to rapidly detect the presence of bacteria.

Daily BPAL
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*updates sale page*

I know what I want from the Lupercalia/Heroines update now: Khandita and The Oblation. So I need to make $37.50. *nods* So please buy stuff, if fragrance stuff is what you seek.
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Fire or water

I want to do something to my hair, colorwise; I can't decide between my phoenix self and my naiad self. Chunks of red and copper and gold, or of blue and green?

Not an urgent sort of decision, mind. But I have been pondering.

Have been pondering dreads, too, but that's somewhat more permanent.
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