March 13th, 2007

Elayna & Mommy laughing

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to aussie_nyc and penmage!

Meh. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Will not be at Diesel tonight, due to ongoing parental invasion.

* Progress reports yesterday. Her organizational skills have improved slightly, but not enough. And personally, I'm torn - I think grading them on organizational skills, weighing binder checks as heavily as homework and tests, is bullshit. Total bullshit. At the same time, I don't want to pass this belief on to her, because she does have to toe the line and follow instructions. But it frustrates the hell out of me. The only reason this child isn't a straight-A student is because her binders are disorganized. Yes, the only reason - the progress reports have a breakdown. She has a 100% average on tests in all of her classes.

* Got an automated call from the school late yesterday - her big concert, scheduled for tonight, has been moved to Wednesday night. Which would be no big deal... except for the fact that her grandparents extended their visit through tomorrow morning just to see her in concert, which they never have. And now, y'know, they're screwed. And Elayna's horribly disappointed - she was really looking forward to playing for them. I'm going to call and interrogate them.

* On the bright side, her first soccer practice last night went well. She was painfully shy at the beginning (only knew one girl there), but really got into it by the end, doing a great job in the latter half of the scrimmage.

* She probably needs glasses. Will be looking for a LensCrafters to swing by after school today.

yunatwilight asked recently if any of the writers on her list had ever been moved to tears by something they wrote. Yes. This, from Blogathon.

Fun for Passover
The Two-Minute Haggadah.

See cheshyre's journal for bibs printed with the Four Questions!

Daily Science
Fun with black holes!

Daily BPAL
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Clarification on mindmapping stuff

I have a program already. I want to promote said program to y'all. What I'd like to know is how I can best do that. Yes, I have Shayara workspaces set up, but I want to know what you would use a mindmapping program for, so I can show you how shiny this tool can be.

Sorry for my rushed lack of clarity and lack of feedback yesterday. *nods* Work/nap/parents. Today, parents all day. Should start to return to normal tomorrow.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

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Highlights of today:

Dad: "Do you want this?"
Me: "Well, I don't need it."
Dad: "But do you want it?"
Me: "I already have one. I don't need another one. But thanks."
Dad: "Well, you should get another one."
Me: *sigh* "Well, you can get it for Elayna."

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

(I now have several pricey new pairs of jeans. Adam, you have three new shirts. Elayna... Elayna has stuff. Much stuff.)

Another highlight: me saying "Mom, size 4 is not fat." Yes. I know I'm a healthy weight, because my mom is eyeing me like I'm Rosanne Barr at a buffet. And yes, I have weight-weirdness in my head right now. But size 4 is absolutely, categorically not fat.


So. We're currently waiting for Elayna to come home. Then we're going to get her eyes checked (not at LensCrafters, Ardie!), and then we'll go get her a cellphone. Because my mother thinks it's a crime to leave the child cellphone-free for the ten minutes it takes her to walk home from school. "What if there's an emergency?" "She'll run down the street screaming 'FIRE!'"


Damn, I wish I was going to Diesel tonight.
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I am calling a do-over on today.

I will tell you what I am going to do. I am going to freakin' cocoon tomorrow. I am going to rest. I am going to take a nice long walk with my music. I am going to write. I am going to read.

That is all I'm going to do.

I'm not dealing with anything. I'm not talking to anyone. Not til Elayna comes home. Hell, I may ship her off to go swimming at the Boys and Girls Club.

I will emerge from tomorrow rested and ready to take care of shit, to get back on the stick.

But for tomorrow? Screw alla this noise. Tomorrow's mine.

EDIT: I need a hot stone massage, is what I need.

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So. Yes.

I haven't had alone time... umm... at all this month. Which would get to me even if my parents weren't walking, talking stressors.

Definitely need time alone more than I need people time, at this point.

And I need to space out visits so I don't have houseguests/visitors for two whole consecutive weeks ever again. As of right now, I don't have anyone else visiting til April 14/15, and it needs to stay that way. And I need to take all of next week to decompress.

EDIT: On the bright side, I Got Shit Done today, though not as much as I'd hoped - jenphalian and lbitw, Nate's sax has been shipped. The stuff for our letter to our former landlady has been printed and assembled, to be sent via certified mail tomorrow. I'm done shopping for Adam's birthday. (April 8!) Got birthday card for my grandma, and cute new homework folders for Elayna (penguins and puppies).

Need sleep tonight, and getting my house put back together tomorrow.
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