March 12th, 2007



Hello to new reader omnia_mutantur!

Doing fairly well today, and have nothing physically arduous planned. Yay! Will do yoga after this post. *nods*

Results of survey of fibro patients: The most common problems were morning stiffness, fatigue, nonrestorative sleep, pain, concentration, and memory. Aggravating factors included: emotional distress, weather changes, insomnia, and strenuous activity. Respondents rated the most effective management modalities as rest, heat, pain medications, antidepressants, and hypnotics.

Took a Myers-Briggs test last night after musing over my I/E... I morph like the wind, but last night, I scored as eNFj.

Hey, artists and writers!
Tell me what you're up to. Pimp your wares. I'd like to create a permanent link on my sidebar to your stuff.

Daily Science
20 Things You Didn't Know About Bees. My favorite? #10: During World War I, honey was used to treat the wounds of soldiers because it attracts and absorbs moisture, making it a valuable healing agent. Cool!

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