March 10th, 2007

Everyone here is a crazy person.

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LiveBlogging Elayna's birthday party...

The kids have been instructed to figure out a way to get inside the walls of Troy.

Their solution? The model they are currently building?

The Rainbow Badger of Doom.


It is a massive badger with a catapult on its head, a battering ram, and a steamshovel to dig under the walls.

There are a dozen girls in my living room all screaming "Rainbow Badger of Doom!!!" at varying intervals.

ZOMG I have a headache. But. I am giggly.
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Birthday Party updates

* Several of the kids sang her the Dark Horde birthday song. These are kids she met in school, not in fandom. The fact that one had a Monty Python birthday party last year and another's having a Shakespeare birthday party later this month, and yet another gasped, "Omigod! You guys are Firefly fans?!?" reinforces my belief that I am raising her well - she seeks out fellow geeks!

* Rainbow badger of d000000m!

* The kids want to play Calvinball. Heh.

* I am so tired. Few more hours til I can go to sleep, I think.

* Yes, we are already reminded of why we hate sleepovers. *wry smile* Unrelenting wall of sound.

* Wii bowling will have to stop at 10, I think, as it promotes jumping, and I fear that the landlords (living downstairs) will already want to kill us. Perhaps a nice game of Apples to Apples. Or a movie.

* I go to Urban Oasis tomorrow at 1. I will need it.
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