March 9th, 2007

Sell You All for Experiments


Bleh. Same.

Aaaagh I need to order Layni's cake! *falls over* Will go grocery shopping and party-supply shopping with my parents later today. Have touched base with people running party. Crap - need to get to the craft store to get favors! I figure they can make their own wands. Bunch of dowels, bunch of random nifty crafty things to stick on 'em. Need glue.


Did not see them last night. Must decide if I'm going to drive with them to Cape Cod this morning, to pick up my aunt. Love my aunt, want time with my aunt, but... also *really* need to get things done. I've yet to log a single hour of work this week. :(

Yes. I am a wee stressmonkey.

Daily Science
Today's Daily Science is dedicated to wispfox... Time Change: Springing forward could be bad for you.

Daily BPAL
* Thank you for the v-gift, swap faerie!
* I still don't have my Lupercalia/Heroines decants. *growl*
* All swaps and sales have been mailed.

Friday memeage...
Wearing: Flamingo pajamas. This will change in the near future. EDIT: Happy Bunny "i hate everyone" panties, jeans, Woods Hole socks, black bra, black V-neck shirt, squooshy black sweater, ayalanya-necklace, pearl earrings.
Reading: Trickster's Queen, by Tamora Pierce.
Elayna is Reading: The Devil's Arithmetic, by Jane Yolen.
Adam is Reading: The new book by the Gil's All Fright Diner guy. Adam, title?
Planning: Party planning/shopping today, party tomorrow, party recovery - and Urban Oasis - Sunday.

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Elayna 2006


Elayna's party has a mythology theme, underneath the logic-puzzle exterior. :) I should have a soundtrack. Song recommendations? Anything you can send me?
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Short Chick - khaosworks

(no subject)

Just got back in from a day with my parents, sister, and soon-to-be-brother-in-law, who are very like two-year-olds; they need very detailed instructions (which they are unlikely to pay attention to anyway) (which is why Jack almost got out this morning; Dad left two doors hanging open), and they all talk at once, and they are ignorant (Elayna had to explain the word "deciduous" to them)...

I am here all like nyargh, calming down before I need to venture out to Shaw's and Target with my mother (oh, joy). Elayna is trying to get her new Wii set up, and is dealing with the constant idiotic input from the peanut gallery with grace that is increasingly breaking under the strain.


My favorite aunt is here, though, which pleases me. And hey, Elayna has a Wii! And... yeah, I'm out.

Thank you guys for the music you've sent!

I go now.
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