March 7th, 2007


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to my TH-sister tisiphonemoon!

Got bad by the end of last night; seems... mostly okay this morning.

The thing that's really driving me bugfuck is the fatigue. A nap a day, sometimes two, and my ass is still dragging. It's deeply frustrating. Especially when my brain is tired, too, because then I can't write.

Will hopefully be okay today.

Oh, Spooky and I were being Crow Girls... especially to poor liamstliam. :) (For those who wish to add her: her LJname is elionwyr.)

Our names there are Shadesong, Yendi, and NanoFishie, just like here. :)

My parents will be here Thursday through Wednesday, so if you're trying to schedule anything with me, aim for late next week!

Daily Science
Scientists have discovered a large area thousands of square kilometres in extent in the middle of the Atlantic where the Earth’s crust appears to be missing. Instead, the mantle - the deep interior of the Earth, normally covered by crust many kilometres thick - is exposed on the seafloor, 3000m below the surface.

Marine geologist Dr Chris MacLeod, School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences said: "This discovery is like an open wound on the surface of the Earth. Was the crust never there? Was it once there but then torn away on huge geological faults? If so, then how and why?"

They're going to investigate it. I wanna go. Seriously. I spent quite a bt of yesterday bouncing about this and saying "I wanna go!"

Daily Scent-Stuff
BPAL: I ended up ordering Aries and Ostara; I'm getting imps of Roux-Ga-Roux and Ides of March from a decant circle. Still waiting on the Heroines/Lupercalia decants. One of today's jobs will be putting more unloved BPAL up for sale so I can make a hypothetical Heroines/Lupercalia order. Today, I test a mixed bag of e-tailers...

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Capri - xanadumalion

Your Daily Chance to Do Good

liamstliam, a high school teacher, is raising money to take his National Honor Society students to South Carolina to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Liam rocks, seriously. :)

How can you help?

Buy cookie dough! Three-pound tubs for $12 a pop, in a variety of flavors. :)

Not local? Don't want cookies? E-mail Liam at bill AT to arrange to donate. :)

Thank you!
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(no subject)

...was talking about PTSD today (someone else's, not mine), and I realized that I've pretty much blasted through all my triggers at this point. When I find one, I basically take a mental jackhammer to it. And they are gone.

Yay. :)

But it led me to examine why I went at that with such determination. I think what I've arrived at is just that I do not like to have illogical reactions. I don't like to have reflexes that are a) unhelpful, b) unpredictable, and c) illogical. I like a clear path between thought and behavior. It disturbs me to not have one.

So yeah. That's... something that's been going on behind the scenes for the last few years, under the illness, under the stress. Quietly dismantling mental blocks and PTSD triggers.

Go team me!
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Evening miscellany

Quotes of the evening
Me: "I'm not a nexus, I'm a freakin' katamari."
wired_lizard: "You left your tube here, and I've been smelling it."
yunatwilight: "If you rub anything long enough, it becomes an erogenous zone."
yendi: His entire review. Seriously. Go read it. :)

Mail call
avivasedai sent me Vosges! *bounce* *squee*
And weds, Elayna loves her imp bag. :)

Spooky, she is gone back to PA. :(

Prep for my parents' arrival. Nyargh. Must order Elayna's birthday cake, too!
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