March 6th, 2007


Tew's Day

Mild to moderate. Haven't been doing yoga, and need to.

Criminy. It was just in the 50s! How can it be -16 with wind chill? That's just crazy.

I had a few people give me gifts of their time for my birthday. Yay! Now I have to figure out what they can help me do.*nod* Organizing stuff. Putting stuff on eBay. Rides to places...

And the everpresent hanging of the art, because this is not fully home until my "home is where your story begins" plaque is up. Got the perfect place for it, too. Just need someone tall.

Holy crap, dude, on so many levels. And we have to wait til April?!?

I am sleepy and going back to sleep. Was only up because Adam and Miss Kid were unintentionally noisy.

Assume that I am not reading LJ, and have not been for days. Because of having company. Will be back to normal... next week, after my parents leave. So. If there's anything I should see, tell me! *hugs you and wanders back to bed*