March 4th, 2007


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My birthday party = teh awesome. I think we really had the absolute maximum number of people in here for a big portion of the night. House layout works well for this, though. (Sorry - perpetual HostessBrain!)

*loves everyone*

I seriously need to schedule coffees with the people I didn't get to hang out with as much. Plus, cos suggested an Introvert Party (we determined that last night was totally an Extrovert Party), which we decided would be movie-watching or board-gaming. Yes, I will do that sometime.

I am surrounded by attractive, smart, funny people. It's a good life.
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I am made of equal parts awesome and ouch. *nod* Napped for chunks of today, and hobbled through other chunks. Watched TiVo with Spooky and Adam (elionwyr and yendi, so party attendees know who they were talking to). Mmmm, TiVo with Spooky and Adam. Watched lots of Ace of Cakes. Which made us hungry. So we ate cake.


Party lost & found was limited to sideshownate's alto sax (so, uh, lbitw - see you later this week?) and ...something from zarhooie.

Elayna: "Kat left something in my room."
Adam: "What is it?"
Elayna: "I don't know. Something white."
(On the couch with Spooky, I start to giggle quietly.)
Elayna: "And gooey."
(I collapse into laughter.)
(It looks like a glue pen.)

Plans for tomorrow? Don't know. Maybe going to Lyndell's Bakery to order a cake for Elayna, if we don't do that Tuesday; asciikitty says they make excellent vegan chocolate cakes. Maybe just curling up on the couch and watching Bound and Boondock Saints.

Sleep soon, I think.