March 2nd, 2007


Happy me day!

Happy birthday to me! And also to my birthday twins ambelies, ladysea, and shugenja! And Dr. Seuss!

Happy early birthday to servermonkey, solcita, and water_childe (who has challenged me to a duel!), who all advance over the weekend!

Hello to new reader butterflymama3 and returning reader sandandsilk!

Fibromyalgia is a great anatomy lesson. Tensing while one's Dom is doing evil things to you hurts the chest, neck, and upper back. Sex, when taken from behind, strains the tops of one's thighs. Et cetera.

So worth it, though. :)

Daily Science
There's a lunar eclipse for my birthday!

Daily BPAL
There's a BPAL update for my birthday!

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And I got a swap yesterday, so now I can try Collapse )

Buy stuff from me!

Friday memeage!
Wearing: Victoria's Secret nightie, "413: Requested Entity Too Large" panties.

Reading: Oh, goodness. Everything at once, feels like! :) I got a lot of books for my birthday. Will do a separate loot post. *nods*

Elayna is Reading: Andrew Clements' Things Not Seen.

Writing: Lots of stuff, all for monies - Shayara outlining and webcomic planning, my experiencing-Boston notblog, et cetera. (Thank you for the monies, boss!)

Today: slipjig, rafaela, and zarhooie arrive!
Tomorrow: Spooky and the rest of Team Glens Falls arrive! And we have party. :) *bounce* 7-whenever, my house.
Sunday: Don't know yet. I suspect it will depend on when Team Glens Falls leaves.
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Gir - I wanted to explode!

Birthday loot list

From Elayna: Temping Fate, by Esther Friesner, who she met and loved at Boskone.

From Adam:
* Absolute New Frontier, by Darwyn Cooke. This thing is gorgeous. And yeah, I generally don't do DC, but I love Cooke's reimagining.
* A balance ball. Whee! Yay stretching and core strength!
* Making Comics, by Scott McCloud. Because I am. Making comics, that is, not making comics by Scott McCloud.
* Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife - which is not a title that would normally pull me in, but it's by Mary Roach, who wrote the excellent Stiff. So I have been wanting this.
* A Thread of Grace, by Mary Doria Russell - author of The Sparrow, one of my all-time favorite books. :)

From my parents: A beautiful custom necklace by ayalanya, pictures forthcoming - chunks of labradorite, with colored pearls and chips of moonstone, all twisted with silver wire.

From my birthmom: Gifts are in the mail. She runs late. :)

From Adam's mom: The Piano, a Tori Amos box set. :) And Singing the Dogstar Blues, by Alison Goodman, whose world I fell in love with in Firebirds Rising (YA SF), and The Anatomy Coloring Book. :) *breaks out the colored pencils*

From crystalsage: A gorgeous Kali votive holder, pictures also forthcoming. Thank you, sweetie!

From ian_gunn and gardenfey: Gods and Pawns - Company short stories by Kage Baker (please be better than The Machine's Child!) and Mirrormask on DVD, which Miss Kid demands that I share. :) Thanks, guys! :)

From yunatwilight: A gift certificate for four hours of her time, to be used any way I like. ;)

From the Craftsman: *eyes bruised butt* (Pictures not forthcoming!)

*looks around her, bouncing* Eee! I don't know what to read! I don't know what to do! *bounces*
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Larp with us!

Two Boston-area female-type-people needed for yunatwilight's Shoujo Kakumei Utena larp, Still Places, on March 17. It will be fun. You'll require very little series knowledge. Like, what, two episodes? I can get you up to speed in a single evening.

These are small, but very necessary, parts. Please apply within.
Everyone here is a crazy person.

They're heeee-ere...

...some of them, anyway. slipjig and rafaela. :) Adam's been on the phone with zarhooie, who apparently fell into a tesseract on Center Street, for over half an hour now. And she is apparently now downstairs. We think.

...I'm not entirely awake yet.

Update from Adam: He guided her through Brighton, Brookline, Newton... we have no idea. None. She got her map from an old one-eyed map peddler in New York. I don't know. I just woke up.
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