February 28th, 2007


Odin's Day

Happy early birthday to fmh!

Hello to new reader dalious!

Yeah. Ow. Have cancelled today's plans in favor of soaking in a hot bath and reading.

Daily Science

Daily BPAL
I hate having sales because of all the packing and stuff. But I hate having an overflowing swap box and empty PayPal account even more. So please to be buying lovely smellies from me.

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I'm officially out of BPAL to test, and will be til my Lupercalia and Heroine imps come in - but I've got a bunch of frimps from other e-tailers that I can try and report on, and so I shall. *bows*

Today is a reading and writing day. I'll concentrate either on the big outline or on the outline for the Donna comic. *nod* And also today = the little stuff, like checkbook-balancing and filing. As much of it as I can manage. I'm pretty much going to have zero free time between March 2 and March 18, so I must get everything set up now to run with minimal input needed from me!

*waves* How are you?
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Of course I'm in existential-crisis mode now.

I'm outlining Act III.

Y'know, what happens after the big battle. After the big huge goal has been achieved.

And I'm stuck on that, so my brain pops up all the parallels in my life.

(Yeah. Nap helped clear my head.)

eustaciavye asked last night what was left to happen in Act III. The Council's defeated, the city is ours, hurrah!

But I don't just go for the hurrah, I go for what happens next... what these characters do and learn without that outside pressure acting on them. Capri, out of the Tower. Julia, returning to the grove. Et cetera.

Act III is ostensably about Julia learning to rule. Discovering that it's not enough to just not be evil - that it takes more than that to be good. It takes more than that to heal a city, heal a people.

But I'm seeing that it's a lot about the sort of thing that's happening with me now. Okay, we won. Now what?

I was talking to Elayna the other day about middle-school stuff, Mean Girls and what have you. And I told her that she's entering a time in her life when she's going to be making a lot of big decision, decisions about the sort of person she wants to be.

Me too, I guess.

(And I told her that it's not the end of the world if she screws up; she can always fix things. And I need to remember that for myself, too.)

So yeah.