February 27th, 2007


Tew's Day

Went to bed feeling horribly achy... woke up feeling just mild-to-moderate pain. Sleep does help! Today's a writing day, so at least my legs will be rested. (Writing overmuch hurts the arms, shoulders, neck, upper back; I will need to set a timer to remind myself to get up, stretch, and shift position.)

Elayna's Party
The party is a logic-puzzle thing based on several sorts of mythology. So the invites - I was going to do paper scrolls, which would have been cheaper and I could have tea-painted them and never mind that now - the invites are cards that fold complexly (is that a word? it is now). In the center? "You are invited to an afternoon of myth and mystery in honor of Elayna's 12th birthday", and party details. Sealed with silver sealing wax and her new "E" seal.

Now I need to figure out what to do about her cake. And party favors.

My Party
I have always wanted a theme party. Too broke and too lazy/short-notice to do it this year, though. Maybe next year. I will have chocolate bourbon cake. Please RSVP so we know how many cakes to bake. If you show up without RSVPing, you cannot have any cake.

Daily Science
Space Radiation Could be a Mars Mission-Killer

Daily BPAL
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Will update sale/swap post, but won't be actively swapping/selling til I get and test my Heroines/Lupercalia, to save money on packaging, since I'm sure some of you want some of those, too.

Now? Yoga, shower, writing. *nods*
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Random lyrics interlude

This song came on while I was ambling around yesterday, and I gave it a good hard listen through the lens of Shayara. I can see it from the viewpoint of all four sisters. But mostly Tessa to Julia, before they meet.

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You know your story's too big when just writing the outline exhausts you...

Good to do it, though. Already sussed out two things about the story that I hadn't known.

Just starting Act II. There are three acts. Acts II and III have a lot more Stuff than Act I.

So many characters. *whimper*

After this, the outline for the intro comic, so I can continue writing that. Donna telling her story to Jason, via one of the ubiquitous leatherbound journals he hands out.

I want a cookie.
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Short Chick - khaosworks

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Dear Mailman:

I have been there all day. You did not attempt delivery, you lazy fucknugget. Now come back and give me my package!

No love,

Dear fibromyalgia:

You suck.

No love,
P.S. Ow.

Dear Adam:

I miss you. Which is kinda stupid because I live with you and see you every night, yeah. But I miss you every day. Especially the days when I sleep through you guys getting up and leaving. I have not had my Adam fix today.

your 'song

Dear Shayara,

You are too big and have too many characters, and sometimes I doubt my ability to get your story out there the way it deserves to be told just because it's so big, and I have brain damage in my memory bits now and have trouble holding it all.

intimidated 'song
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Tiala - xana art

writerbrain gyaaaah

We're going to have to post the battle at the end of Act II in one big multipage chunk; if we keep it to the two-pages-a-week format, we will lose half our readers in the sheer continuing blood-and-guts hell of it. I'm counting five major characters who kick the bucket in that one freakin' scene, some in tragic beauty, some in sheer gore, and - it's just too much to put you through over the course of months. All at once, you'll get it. Just like the characters. Then maybe a week of rest, light guest strips or happy flashback. Then Act III, which has smaller doses of hell.

I mean, it's depressing the fuck out of me, and I'm the writer. Bloody hell.

If you're going to Diesel tonight? Hugs and chocolate, man. Hugs and chocolate.
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